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Claims to be talking about "the state of electronic music" (stagnant, apparently) but barely escapes the house/techno box. I love house. Love minimal. And if some vital motive force has really disappeared from a scene that's been astoundingly inventive for over twenty (!!!) years, I will mourn. But man, get out of Berlin once in a while, it's a big world.

Related: Slow Listening Movement. Those guys sound burned out. Step back, take a breath. (Of course, those of us without record stores call this "making a virtue out of necessity.")

Looped-in minimal house blog + mixes. When someone on ilx says "I found all this stuff on ____" I pay attention.

Best house music nights in LA, hands down.

Booking agent representing badasses like John Tejada and David Duriez, with free downloadable mixes from same.

charley ten dot com
I'm listening to a really sick deep tech-house mix from this site right now ... oh but I just looked, it's not linked anywhere ... sorry ...

Los Angeles house music / Headinghome / Futurehouse
Ok, you are really fucking cool. You're a loosely associated set of labels, promoters, production companies, and friends. You get NYC legends to spin at your loft parties. You have titans like John Tejada and obscure geniuses like Dubloner. You DO NOT HAVE A MAILING LIST FOR EVENTS YOU FUCKING FUCKING IDIOTS, FUCK.

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