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Like I need to spend any more time reading about or listening to music.

hold me
I just unsubscribed from idm@hyperreal. I feel like I just left the womb. : LUSENET : I Love Music
Music discussion, eclectic, lots of signal. (community home page)(new digs)
Right, so it's not really a mailing list, shut up.

I like to think that in my years -- literally, years, I think I've been on the list since 1997 -- on the idm list I've learned to separate the wheat from the chaff as far as recommendations go. I skim each day's output, not bothering to read all the piddling details of every message, instead looking for currents, an emerging consensus, the releases with the steepest approval curves. In this way I hope to get the most out of the list while wasting as little time as possible with the other record geeks.
It's all bullshit, of course. Otherwise, how could I have missed Metamatics - 'NeoOujia*' for so long?

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