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Poster hinting at the return of the KLF under their JAMMS guise

A bit older but more contemporary than rave archaeology:

and that with soundtrack

2017 could use some punk magic.

Enthusiasm Loops
How not to burn out

  • Enthusiasm comes and goes
  • That's ok
  • "Fortunately you can replenish your enthusiasm. For me, I replenish enthusiasm by 'shipping'. By shipping I mean I get tangible pieces of a project out to an audience."

I would also like to be able to fly by flapping my arms.

Source of code & ideas for improvments to my homebrew system - which could be said to be "moving slowly", I prefer to compare it to slow but sure geological processes...

Update: above link is broken, but this works, and the 43folders wiki has a lot of stuff to say.

how big is a project?
(GTD geeks only)

list your way out of stuckness
In Case of Emergency, Break Glass.

43 folders
many tiny, tasty organizational tricks.

getting things done
Stephen Covey for geeks.

how did you decide what to do with your life?
according to mefi

I don't know about productivity software that asks you to "smoke something strong" in order to get into the right frame of mind to appreciate it.

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