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Ok, you are really fucking cool. You're a loosely associated set of labels, promoters, production companies, and friends. You get NYC legends to spin at your loft parties. You have titans like John Tejada and obscure geniuses like Dubloner. You DO NOT HAVE A MAILING LIST FOR EVENTS YOU FUCKING FUCKING IDIOTS, FUCK.

The Billions Corporation
These people handle US bookings for a lot of your favorite artists. Their website paints them as nice people, as well -- for example, there's an anti-Ticketmaster screed.

Remote Agency represents a lot of great tech-house acts, including Akufen, MRI, Ricardo Villalobos, Sutekh and Tomas Jirku. Info on tours, booking, artist bios etc.

This is Lukas Bergstrom's weblog. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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One Acre Fund

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