Finally a startup idea I'm excited about
Uber for a grizzled old cowboy to meet you on the pier where you're staring at the sea and the slate-gray sky and say "she's not coming back, you know."

"And was it true, as she said, that love would appear strange to me no matter what form it took, even if there were no eagles and snakes?"

- Saul Bellow, The Adventures of Augie March

"Are you willing to have a conversation with this woman for the next forty years?"
-Nietzsche, on how to pick a wife

No consensus favorite, but everyone hates eHarmony.

Metafilter says: fuck true love
Well, the first two comments at least (only comments so far.) Let's see how this evolves.

flaking out is not cool

shift diary of an escort service
Nothing takes the romance out of sex like "Please do not use the microwave and the AC at the same time. I will make arrangements to properly install the AC."

Ok, so "I don't want a girlfriend right now" is the most bullshit excuse of all time, right? Has it ever been said honestly? Like, maybe if you recently became a widower.

fear of a hot gay-sex planet
'He says that for married men and women, gay sex would be irresistible. "Martial sex tends toward the boring end," he points out. "Generally, it doesn't deliver the kind of sheer sexual pleasure that homosexual sex does"'

So says the Family Research Council.

today i placed an ad on craigslist
"wanted: cute girl to watch french new wave films with"

First in a series. Feel free to suggest more.

"would like to find the one, but dating for dating's sake is bogus"
Bingo. Although I don't see why it needs to have a manifesto. "Only date people you're really into" - six words.

"What about her poor neglected left nipple?"

Christopher Walken says Ladies are your

"Okay....look....friend. You've gotta stop
thinking about the girl. She...she lied to
you- your family knows it. Look, I knew that
stings, like a wasp, like a wasp with teeth,
baby! Here's some walking around money. Take
it from me, go and get yourself a new suit.
Not one of those JC...Penny jobs, but a good
suit. A nice fabric, like Wool. Get yourself
a wool suit and enjoy yourself. See a
cockfight, anything, pal? Look, you're number

What advice would Christopher Walken give you?
brought to you by Quizilla

Ethan's Top Five Frustrations Women Express about Men They've Begun to Date
"5. Men often ride along in relationships with one hand on the door handle. This fearfulness of momentum leads them to perform all manner of foolishness, including dangerous stuntman-like dives out of high-speed romances as well as more comical leaps out of relationships that have yet to leave the driveway."

Ethan's Top Five Reasons Why Being in an Urban Tribe Is Bad for Your Love Life
Ethan's Top Five Guidelines to Dating within Your Urban Tribe

Belle de Jour
Claims to be a London prostitute's weblog.

[13:56:15] lukas: nice time
[13:56:18] lukas: decent conversation
[13:56:19] lukas: no spark
[13:56:34] eric: you should bring some gasoline and matches

Intellectual Whores
Home of the Ladder Theory.

I used the word "cunt" a couple nights ago and I feel really guilty about it.

optimum age
"Zsa Zsa said that a young woman should marry a man who is in his 40s. He will die when she is in her 40s. She, then at her sexual peak, should marry a man who is 18, now at his sexual peak. She will die when he is in his 40s. He should then marry a girl who is 18. She said that everyone gets his/her ya-yas out, and that no one will fight over money."

Things My Girlfriend And I Have Argued About. I was going to call this the best site ever, but as I've already awarded that crown, I'll settle for mentioning that I no longer read this site at work, for fear of attracting attention with all the laughing and snorting. (You didn't visit the site the first time I mentioned it, did you? Do it now.)

Oh, no.
What is an exso?
The term exso refers to a person whom you've had a relationship with in the past or a past "significant other".
Oh, no.
Submit your exso today
It's fast, free, and anonymous
Oh, no.
After searching and finding your exso click view to access your exso's Bio page. To submit your own review of your exso follow the Submit your review link under the Overview averages area. This will take you to the first step of a three step process.

Oh, no.

I continue to pull out mothballed links that I think should have a home here: Proof That Girls Are Evil.

(this one was written around February 2001)
Actually, maybe not. As much fun as that kind of anger-fueled writing can be, I think I'll leave it in the past. The curious can check out the old site for themselves.

More impotent rage from the past.

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