Yes! You can have Gmail filter messages sent via
Just filter messages From: It will filter everything that Gmail shows as sent "via" even though that isn't the From: address.

Robert Heaton

Funny, well, written, it's a good blog. Say this one: Tracking friends and strangers with WhatsApp.

Damore memo linkdump

Haven't read these yet. Having trouble seeing through the rage I'm feeling about acquaintances on Facebook posting "actually, the memo was thoughtful and well-argued".
We, the undersigned, are employees of tech organizations and companies based in the United States. We are engineers, designers, business executives, and others whose jobs include managing or processing data about people. We are choosing to stand in solidarity with Muslim Americans, immigrants, and all people whose lives and livelihoods are threatened by the incoming administration’s proposed data collection policies. We refuse to build a database of people based on their Constitutionally-protected religious beliefs. We refuse to facilitate mass deportations of people the government believes to be undesirable.

Cryptography as a means to restore the balance of power
Cryptography rearranges power: it configures who can do what, from what.

I'd argue that the reverse is really the issue that needs more attention. Online systems that do not provide strong cryptography rearrange power, as compared to their offline equivalents.

It was not feasible to scan all phone calls for keywords in 1970, since that required effort from humans to do the patching and listening. The power dynamic changed when our industry brought those calls into a centralized, trivially-storable clear-text format. Encrypting the conversations is simply a partial return to the status quo of a few decades ago.
- via

Have Gmail only filter messages not sent directly to me
This was surprisingly hard to figure out. Maybe this will help somebody.

1. Go to Settings and under Inbox choose to override filters for important messages
2. Create a filter from:me to:me and choose "Always mark as important"

This will make sure messages sent directly to you end up in your inbox, even if you have another filter that would normally archive it.

Things I'm skeptical about that are maybe actually okay
  • Natural language interfaces
  • Centralized social networks
  • "the death of the filesystem"

Still terrible: the impact of illegible UIs and constant unnecessary UI changes on older users.

Supporting women in geek communities

Content Forever
New test: if your essay has less value than an essay produced by a lazy algorithm maybe don't publish it.


Helpful robots for creation of: rebuses, animated cursors, hula dancers, poems, jokes, snowglobes...

Excerpt from their review of Google Calendar:
APRIL 12 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 13 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 14 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 15 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 16 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 17 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 18 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 19 - Watch TV without being able to concentrate.
APRIL 20 - Die in wanking accident.
JUNE 17, 2012 - Council Tax bailiffs discover decomposed body.

The Pirate Bay
"World's larget Bittorrent tracker." Still up!

Bruce Schneier
Best existing writer on security and related policy and technology.

free ideas
Why Not?

Publically submitted ideas for things that should exist. Some of the ideas are good. Just add perspiration, lots of it.

PDF Creator
Print to PDF from any app.

David Mazières
Daniel works with him.

USMC after-action gear assessment
Serious Tom Clancy stuff. Should this really be on the net?
(Amusing: use of "Catch-22")

cd/dvd data recovery

Unix-Haters Handbook
"Welcome, New User! Like Russian Roulette with Six Bullets Loaded"

log parser
Query text files with SQL.

Seth Schoen
Staff technologist at the EFF.

chemical wine
"The only problem was, his 'wine' tasted horrible."

From now on, I will only trust tech specs that say things like "who knows how it really all works" and "whatever that means".

OE Quotefix
"Put an end to Outlook Express's messy quotes"

Ted Nelson is mad. Also, brilliant - even his tossed-off emails (1, 2) are a blast to read (it's rare to get the thoughts of a first-rate mind raw, before they've been massaged into untouchable perfection for publication). He invented the concept of hypertext, although he thinks we're doing it all wrong (see what I mean about being mad?)

Oh: ZigZag is a system he's trying to build to enable building, visualizing and navigating n-dimensional information spaces. I'm not entirely sure what advantage it holds over databases, but playing with it could be a nice headfuck.

So I'm not getting a spiffy new Playstation 2, whatever, by the end of the week I'm gonna be playing Metroid on my Dreamcast. (Which means this will become useful soon. God bless the digital age.)

Wow: Tinderbox = Tornado Notes + weblogs. It's...perfect. Wish I had a Mac. Again.

Workin' for the man, workin' for the man: plagiarism detection software. Open source, which is nice.

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