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ďRemember, mindfulness is a relational activity. Itís how we are with what weíre experiencing thatís most important. So if youíre feeling the warmth of a tea cup, itís simply that.Ē - Sharon Salzberg

ďIt doesnít matter to what you donít cling. Which means that we donít have to be waiting to develop a certain experience in order not to cling to it. Might was well not cling to whateverís happening now, whatever it is, because thatís the essence of the practice. Itís not about the experience.Ē - Joseph Goldstein

Favorite part of this talk is when they didnít edit out the walking meditation, so thereís just twenty minutes or so of silence.

The island
For one stranded in the middle of the lake,
in the flood of great dangeróbirthó
overwhelmed with aging & death,
 Kappa, I will tell you the island.

Having nothing, free
of clinging:
 That is the island,
 there is no other.

Kappa's question

"The Buddhaís teaching is aimed at liberation from suffering Ė the way out is through complete abandonment of clinging. Basic remedy is to pause Ė this is just an organic system operating, thereís nothing wrong with you. Itís not personal. Donít follow the message of mind consciousness, follow the direct experience of the body."
  • Ajahn Sucitto with one of my very favorite concise summaries of the dharma.

The Khanda, me and Existence

Study Guide to the Pali Canon

Thich Nhat Hanh - Let Go and Be Free
Talk on Youtube

Recently got back into meditation after years thinking I just couldn't hack it. I only recently learned that meditation in many traditions actually follows a concrete series of stages, the later stages of which are apparently inexpressible experiences.

This talk has a very clear outline of the very first stages, and what it means to meditate.

Plus just listen to dude's voice and tell me you're not more relaxed.

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