micro.blog looks cool and if I were starting from scratch today I’d probably use it
micro.blog is a blogging platform and a social network in one (it’s also very The Dream of the 90s Is Alive In Portland.)

Ideal format for long blog posts

I. Title
II. Whatever you would put in your tweet thread about the post (previous civilizations called this an introduction)
III. Poast

Robert Heaton

Funny, well, written, it's a good blog. Say this one: Tracking friends and strangers with WhatsApp.

What I Want From a Blog
  • To continue to use this as my home base - homebrew CMS, archive accumulated over years.
  • To selectively cross-post to Tumblr, Twitter, whatever
  • To be more usable on mobile one down
  • To have an interface that lets me see social interactions from Tumblr, on-site comments, maybe Twitter/FB shares, all in one place - ideally, the same place I consume RSS
  • Basically I want to blur the line between reading and writing, and I want to interact with the walled gardens without being trapped there
  • (stretch goal) integrated with Notational Velocity Making local filesystem blog integration work

"Pack it up," Henry Ford said, "the car's had it."

17th century social media
Commonplace books as prototypes of Tumblr and Pinterest
Commonplace books that survive from the Tudor period contain a huge variety of texts, including letters, poems, medical remedies, prose, jokes, ciphers, riddles, quotations and drawings. Sonnets, ballads and epigrams jostle with diary entries, recipes, lists of ships or Cambridge colleges and transcriptions of speeches. Collecting useful snippets of information so that they could be easily retrieved when needed, or re-read to spark new ideas and connections, was one of the functions of a commonplace book. But the practice of maintaining a commonplace book and exchanging texts with others also served as a form of self-definition: which poems or aphorisms you chose to copy into your book or to pass on to your correspondents said a lot about you, and the book as a whole was a reflection of your character and personality.

Becky is blogging from Egypt

Wiley has a tumblr and she didn't tell me about it I am piiiiiiissed

My friend Ozge just started a blog on Turkish cuisine for American cooks.

In 2008, after five months of solo travel through Asia, I met up with Ozge on her home turf. (If you can travel with someone who is host, guide and friend together, I urge you to do so.) There followed a near month of highlights, as we ate and drank our way across Turkey, starting in Istanbul. It should always be nighttime, and we should always, all of us, be at rooftop restaurants near Istiklal, having meze with raki.

Aaand I can get the ingredients for the traditional eggplant dish locally. Yum.

Vorsprung durch Techno
In the interests of total uninhibited geeking out, I'm going to start doing all music-related Twittering from @lukasmusic. Don't get used to all the substantive news so far, it's mostly going to be me raving about new beats.

Composer John Adams turns out to be a fine writer on his new blog. I wonder if the lucky tagger knows where his work ended up.

I'm following: @skinnermike (aka The Streets: real, updates a lot), @brian_eno (probably fake, updates reasonably often), and @davidbowie (probably real, never updates.)

Africa blogs

Reading Kenyan blogs (like Bankelele and Sukuma Kenya) is helping get me up to speed on how a certain, educated segment of Kenyan society sees current events. Depending on how optimistic I'm feeling, they either demonstrate the uselessness of the intellectual class in all cultures, or they're part of an emerging national consciousness that might bring needed progress.

also: 30 Great African Tech Blogs

Kristy makes it, shoots it, eats it. Hungry?

Friends of mine who have a similar problem sitting still

You think I'm crazy, my buddy Panpan just moved to Saudi Arabia . . .

Dustin's blog.

Co-worker Vaughn's blog.

Looped-in minimal house blog + mixes. When someone on ilx says "I found all this stuff on ____" I pay attention.

Ben Chun's got a new blog on his experiences teaching computer skills to high school students.

You know, back in the day, everything that goes on Twitter now was blog fodder. Only, now that blogs are, like, a big fucking deal everybody crafts these well-written little mini-essays. So they need a "new outlet" for their ephemera.

Fuck progress, post random bullshit to your blog.

Kirra Miller is a 13-month-old from Lake Park, Florida. She's my friend Cory's niece, and daughter of Justin and Amber. She was hit by a car on May 18th, 2007 as her mother towed her and a friend in a bike trailer. She's in critical condition at St. Mary's Hospital in West Palm Beach. Her family asked me to set up a site where they could update people on her condition.

Update: the site was down for a while; it's back up now.

Blog posting mp3s of wonderful music you've never heard.

No I don't think it would be more appropriate for the message to be shown on a Holiday Inn sign
an image of a church sermon announcment sign saying WELCOME ANNA LAURENT

It's all in the title ... including the slightly off grammar. Anyway I've frequently found myself wondering where to find good conversation about specific topics; it usually seems to be the fastest way to get up to speed on a subject. Depending on the quality of the participants, it can be much better than any single reference source. I usually feel I understand a Wikipedia article much better after reading the talk page.

So it'd be great if I searched for "WRX car audio" and get directed to WRX modders talking about the best setups. Too bad Talk Digger seems to suck right now.

Serpico has a blog! The cop who blew the whistle on NYPD corruption in the 70s, got shot, moved the Switzerland, had a movie made about him with Al Pacino ... crazy.

Chrysalis stage.

The natural history of the web
Given human beings' natural tendency to anthropomorphize anything more complicated than a rock, it's natural that we tend to expect any complex entity to grow, peak, decline and die. Rock bands, game consoles, clothing trends, empires, scientific paradigms. But some things have a different lifecycle, or go through multiple cycles. It looks like websites are or can be in that second category. Metafilter used to be the hip A-list hangout, and it was relaxed, funny and smart. Then Matt opened membership up to the masses, we went to war with Iraq and the place went to shit. But now it's back (at least for me - maybe, like Columbus discovering America, it's been there for a while.)

To start thinking of the most ephemeral place on earth as a home for long-lived communities - communities that won't be destroyed by changing zoning laws, or core residents moving away - is a little bit brain-bending. Time to start thinking long now.

Phil Gyford: My New Site
Some sick ideas: "pages for individual weblog entries ... [show] relevant contextual information: any photos I took the same day, what I was reading that day, any links I posted, and what music I listened to most that week." Well, obviously! Shit.

Khoi Vinh's blog. He's now in charge of designing NYTimes.com; his old company Behavior did the new Onion site.

s'more basketball blogs, funny ones this time

Just a bunch of Aarons right now.

Freakonomics Authors' Blog
Most posts by Steven Levitt.

The Big O Blog
NBA legend Oscar Robertson has a blog. Sadly, he's lost some of his faculties:

A strong bench is obviously important and here again I think the two teams are pretty evenly matched, with Lindsey Hunter, Antonio McDyess and Elden Campbell for Detroit, Brent Barry, Robert Horry, and possibly Glenn Robinson – who hasn’t played that much thus far – for the Spurs. (emphasis mine)


Not your usual bollocks
Indie mp3 podcasting. Or: have obscure music automatically downloaded to your iPod while you sleep.

Chantelle Fiddy's World of Grime
Apparently grime is old enough now to have reunions. Um, ok...

The Note
Politics from way, way, way, way inside the Beltway.

house of wigs
ad copywriter blogs funny

Bruce Schneier
Best existing writer on security and related policy and technology.

a music blog where people remember that at one time idm was = hardcore

indie star girlfriend's blog
that dude from the strokes, with the hair? this is his girlfriend's weblog.

London darkdubstep producer's blog.

whoa blogs are badass
That's a New Yorker columnist (since when have they had such a thing?) and bestselling author duking it out in the comments section, there. CRAZINESS.

Yeah, I know the New Yorker ain't all that. Still.

(No, I didn't pay any attention to the discussion of EMT.)

wooo rock and roll

Clay Shirky posts here, as does Danah.

classical music blogs
including one by Alex Ross (of the New Yorker)

"Hey, gang, let's put on a show!"

Medianstrip was the college web zine you wrote for a couple of times. It was also all the people associated with it who've gone on to bigger and better things. It's live again, newform and rectangular, as we all filter outselves through Stewart again.

from brief skim: well-connected londoner's music weblog

now here: woebotnik

cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes
mp3s and hip hop shit talk. (thank god, nsfw)

Sasha Frere Jones's blog.

2lmc spool
"Always forthright."
2lmc hate you.

Tony Pierce
Lives in Los Angeles.

Bob Mould has a blog!
Tell us what you're listening to, Bob!

Belle de Jour
Claims to be a London prostitute's weblog.

Luke Ford
Who the fuck...
update: ...is this prick? Today's post: "I'm scared of black people because I'm Jewish."

makeout city
Interesting links, introduced in the best way: with excerpts. "Excerpts? I can just click on the link and start reading..." no you can't. First, there's the mental dislocation that accompanies going to a new site. "Hm, loading...weird design, hm, guess it's ok, where's the text? ah here, hey, I like the way they do permalinks, ok, so, the text." Second, the ideas that make it interesting may be buried too deep for you to pick up in your shallow skimming across the web. This way, though, you get a feel for the article more or less instantly. You don't miss good links, you don't click on boring ones.

swen's blog
Customers that liked inevitable backlash also liked...

Cool pic.

You're probably looking for random neat webstuff. If so, you really have no reason to be here, because metascene does everything I do, only better. The links are cooler and more obscure, and instead of a few useless introductory sentences, he writes whole mini-essays. He lives in New York. He write poetry for his girlfriend for Valentine's day. He met Bjork. Needless to say, I hate him. Honestly, linking to him here is mostly a way to drag him down here with me.
(8/4/3 -- updated, go look -- oo, hiltons!)


Crooked Timber
Am I a Bright? Or just a pretentious fuck?

amazon employee blog
They have whiteboards in the elevators.

Log Format Roadmap
No one's decided anything yet, so what are all these people supporters of? The general idea that it would be nice to have a standard weblog format? "I am a supporter of peace, love, and interoperable content management systems."

I had a dream the other night. I was supposed to be doing this one thing, see, but instead I kept going the other way: through forests, up hills, across fields, more forest, saying to myself, "I'm almost to Tucson, might as well keep going." I wanted to get to Paul's for some reason.

Media Log by Dan Kennedy
News blog by an actual journalist.

Ask Philip
Not that I'm sure why he's worth listening to.
his weblog

Back to Iraq
Weblog of a journalist making his way to Iraq.

Kim Jong Il (the illmatic)'s LiveJournal
"Dear diary. Bush still doesn’t ‘get it.’ I tried making my feelings clear but he’s too busy ignoring me, he is such a jerk. Everything in his life is just Saddam, Saddam, Saddam and I am sick of it.

On the plus side, I think my hair looked pretty good today. Also I went frolicking at Paektu Mountain and the rainbow came out again. After dinner some of my subjects sang me a song because I invented Outer Space."

Joi Ito's Web
I wasn't aware that being a blogger was compatible with actually doing stuff.

William Fields's Weblog
So Bill apparently lives across the street from me and makes beats. Maybe I'm his evil twin.

Simon Reynolds' blog
I hear he's a really excellent dj. Damn.

Seth Schoen
Staff technologist at the EFF.

political weblogs by Muslims
Interesting digressions on history and culture, except that they're not really digressions, they're integral to an explanation of the politics. Which is weird to us Americans.
(er, except, Latif isn't Muslim apparently.)
Latif's Cavern
the Kolkata Libertarian
list at alt.muslim

Salon Radio Community Server
It is interesting to see who's on top, but come on, everybody on this list decided to buy a luxury cabin on a sinking ship.

I will learn your "new-school DHTML", Aaron Boodman. Then I will use it to destroy you! (jawdrop)

Cameron Marlow created Blogdex, and is one of the residents at The Appliance of Science. He has some questionable beliefs.

Are you going to watch the MTV reality series on a UC Davis sorority? I'm not, but my roommate is, so I expect I'll get to know everyone on the show pretty well. Flickerfade had a roommate who was one of the pledges; wonder if she'll say anything interesting.

What'll happen if I don't have to do my normal circuit looking for updated sites? What'll I do?

Oh, man. I was hoping this would happen. Dave Winer just dissed Glenn Reynolds. Two galactic battleship-sized egos are now maneuvering into place for a big space battle. With lasers.

The Historical Present
They're doing a PowerPoint face-off. One of the rounds, 'Rapt By Rap', requires the participants to create the PowerPoint presentation they imagine their hip-hop heroes would use to accompany their lyrics. This is anticipatory; the entries aren't up yet.

And the site's tagline made my day. And I needed it.

Interconnected THE FUTURE IS NOW
Well some nifty design is now, anyway. UK design/tech guy Matt Webb (I think).

Interesting, but not surprising in the least: Boston bloggers get together to bowl, drink and geek out. I don't quite self-identify as a blogger, yet, but I might join them in order to expand my network of connections. Yes, bowling with other geeks seems like surefire way to increase my power and influence.

Tim Finney seems to have decent taste in music - we both got into micro/tech-house around the same time. He also seems to have the same desire to write about it that I do - what he lacks are the inhibitions that prevent me from raving on for eight hundred words every day about the music that I love. Which is inspiring to see.

Which means: expect many music-related rants in the future. Starting, tonight, with why Luomo's Vocalcity is the Alpha and Omega of micro-house.

14. Do you ever think that checking your email every few seconds is like having a sharp, piercing sound that blasts right next to your ear occasionally, scrambling whatever thoughts you may have been forming, and making it difficult to form new ones? Remember that story where the guy's watching ballerinas with balls and chains on their feet on TV, and he's got this thing that makes a piercing sound attached to his head, and the government put it there because he was so smart it wasn't fair to everyone else? What was that story called?
she said, she said.

Greg guest-editing this site is a little bit like U2 playing a lemonade stand.

Yeah, that dust on the horizon, the hoofbeats? Greg Knauss is visiting April 8th. Time to get rid of those beer bottles and get that stain off the couch.

boom selection - looks like a music blog, focusing on bootlegs. Fun mp3s to download - Britney vs. Eminem, Outkast remixed by Fatboy slim. (Update: bsx is a helpful filter for the boom selection stuff, whittling it down to the must-listen boots and mixes. I live on the wrong fucking side of the Atlantic.)

Dave, the only one out of five freshman-year roommates I actually liked, linked me! Fame and fortune are sure to follow. Also, he (more or less) compared me to James; I'm flattered.

It would be considered gauche of me to say it there so I'll say it here: Bonnie Burton is cute.
Think it's an accident she's the first guest blogger boingboing has put up a photo for?

This is Lukas Bergstrom's weblog. You can also find me on Twitter and LinkedIn.

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