Live streaming like it was in the old days
9128 ambient, downtempo etc from A Strangely Isolated Place, Mysteries of the Deep and friends.

Either hearing "Underworld set from a couple days ago, mixing live and dj stuff, introduced by Jack Kerouac" gets you hot and bothered or it doesn't.

"listener created playlists of songs on the web"
Very cool. Click play and it goes. Better than streaming web radio cuz you have more control over what you're listening to. The one I'm listening to is even well-sequenced.

Danger Mouse and Jay-Z - The Grey Album
Clips from the Jay-Z/Beatles thing in RealAudio.

update: full downloads

N.A.S.T.Y. Jan 5 2004
"Amazing set featuring Kano, Sharky Major, Ghetto, Stormin, Armour, Hyper, and some geezers called NJ Fever, Bruiser, Hyperfen and Marciephonix"

hot hot heat - hot hot media
Now I can finally listen to "Bandages" over and over again until I get sick of it.

boombastic radio
"funk jazz soul hip-hop latin afro world reggae deepbeats :: live 24/7"

Michael Mayer - Fabric 13
Two streaming mixes to promote new mix album.

streamin radio
shirley and spinoza
resonance fm
radioactive fm
ned radio*
village voice radio*
solar radio underground uk soul*
appliance of science archives check mar 2002 koff koff*to the infinite
more uk soul

all from ilm
star means i've listened to it and dug it, more stars mo better
"An extensive customizable list of (almost) all public radio stations that offer streaming audio and what they have playing now and in the future."

I strongly believe that this will be my favorite site ever if I can get it to work.
"...listen to thousands of songs from the pool of online music. The Radio program streams in CD quality and is not bound by musical genres and programming schedules, but is compiled by a profiling and recommendation system, which compares your music taste with other listeners."

Looks like they have good shit.

mutek 2003 archive
The Monolake set is great.

uk garage
live "pirate" radio stream:

via pietrobot:

  • -- LEXAUNCULPT DJ-SET -- -- 12:30a - 1:45a
>>Feat. Tracks from the upcoming 'The Blurring of Trees'
on Planet-Mu, Fennesz, Coil, Brian Eno, My Bloody Valentine,
Skinny Puppy, Arvo Part and many other selected influences!

//-- Full Playlist //--

//-- Full Show Stream //--

//-- Full Show Download //-- (77.9 mb @ 64kbps for 166'11")

//-- Lexaunculpt Pictures //--


digitally imported
Haven't listened, but it looks like a decent place for mindless, energetic trance.

SomaFM: Streaming MP3 Internet Radio
Lots: idm, downtempo, house, drum and bass, fuzed jazz (what tha...) Multiple channels.
And this is what CARP would kill. (update: saved by HR5469)

Default : Audio
Live sets from HIA, Brothomstates, Ulrich Schnauss ("removed at the request of the artist"...fuck!)

Venetian Snares live sets
Live sets from 2001.

dirty radio
House, techno, electro...indie rock?

Do you want New Wave or do you want the truth?
Philip Sherburne: " reflects my newfound infatuation with New Wave-inflected techno, including Justus Koehncke, 7 Hurtz, Alter Ego's remix of Human League, Zongamin, new ForceTrax artist Data80, Pantytec, Daniel Paul, Copacabanark, and more. Plus some straight up minimal ish that goes down nice'n'smooth."

:: Tag's Trance Trip ::
Propulsive trance music, candy-coated so it goes down easier.

Sleepbot Environmental Broadcast
"featuring a random cycling of some of the most sleep-worthy tracks ever created"

Seems to be the only ambient fan ever with no love for Biosphere.

A long as hell five-part set from Mix Master Morris. From four years ago. In the same amount of time the Beatles went from Help! to Revolution 9. But still, sounds fresh. "It's time to lie down and be counted." As long as Morris is around I'll know there's someone else who understands that the best part of any party is the morning after. (a more recent set)

all at radio valve

Oh shit, klubradio has like two hours of Akufen live.

Update: can the Dirk Diggler/Dettman set really be...eight hours long?!?!??

But if you're in the mood for more straightahead (heh) idm -- there's a Jega mix here, some Ovuca -- you'd do better to try klangforschungost.

Yes, yes, yes: unbelieveably cool French house (sorry, no connection to Daft Punk) at F Communications. 'House' doesn't really cut it, though, this is freeform electronic music that careens through dance music, organic music -- oh shit that's Blue Monday. And, and, the Beastie Boys, and the Beatles, and, and, they're all jamming together in space, man, I mean, can you dig it?

Yeah, check the Avril mix, the comparison to Kasparov is merited.

Apparently James has been talking shit about my HTML/CSS skillz. Bring it, thug!

k7 radio has some of the best downtempo djs in the world.

Famous-name streaming mixes of electronic soul and an idiosyncratic version of English at wsound. Ich bin ein "producer of big time".

More music at KCRW. More! Drown in it! Try:

dj shadow
starts out with silly love song

Gateway to Joy with Donna. I've been listening to an Indian drone piece - voice and sitar - for about half an hour now. It's driving me nuts. I will not give in.

Two possibilities:
  1. I'm expanding my sensibilities with this the same way I did with idm.
  2. I am simultaneously jaded and addicted to novelty. Only profoundly weird music can get through to my tired, tired ears now.
  3. [some of the tracks in this set (April 8th 2002) are excellent]

Two breaks mixes from DJ Hyper: 1, 2. Saw him at An Tua Nua Tuesday night; he's good.

groovetech has another good library of streaming mixes, including Solid Steel. Too bad it's all RealPlayer and the site design is so awful.

Incredible archive of mixes over at paxahau. Herbert, Basement Jaxx, Thomas Brinkmann, Funkstorung...damn.

Nice! radio cartel streams the latest boots directly to your ears. I can only take so much in one sitting, frankly -- I dunno, cleverness overload or something -- but it's great stuff.

The Andrew Weatherall mix is (shock!) great. electro radio

Good old beta lounge. Shame about the Real Audio.

  • --- Original Message -----
From: "audio::nimbus"
To: "IDM List"
Sent: Tuesday, February 19, 2002 5:48 PM
Subject: [idm] enough rec.

A new project has been under development lately.. with the additions of Metamatics, Merck, Brothomstates, Esem, Proswell, Ilkae, Sense and more added to their online-radio session schedule!

It's about time! 0_o


Web audio detritus refashioned into really weird "music". bits & pieces. Today it's a symphony of horse sounds.

Crazy drum 'n' bass bulletin board, people talking shit about artists, djs, tracks, sharing gear tips etc. About the level of discourse you'd expect from a bunch of jungle thugs, but, the dubplate section looks killer...

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