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Good photos of Italy that aren't NatGeo bait

Free images and stuff
Creative Commons licensed images, public domain, etc. I wonder how to confirm that someone actually is the rights holder for an image, and they didn't just upload it to Wikipedia and claim it's public domain. Reverse image search?

Arriving in Newport Beach
A pier in Newport Beach from the air

Check your vocab
Check the entry for indolence, probably my favorite use of one of my photos yet.

Like how the dof worked out here

A few photos
These are going to slowly trickle in ...

This is real. Yes, you may weep.
Jay-Z and Bill Gates, both looking like complete dorks

Some good links to sources of very high-res photos here
I want a massive color photo on one of the walls of my room.

(I'm excited cuz I don't think I've seen an NY car tagged that massive outside of Wild Style)

(over a year later: wait, when did I see Wild Style? wtf?)

GIMP image editing tutorials
How to sharpen photos, remove noise, etc.

some...WHERE, over the rainbow

Trashy is hot and you know it.

I'm going to get my flickr photos to show up here like this guy.

ALSO I had a birthday party and here are pictures.

pics from Big Sur will go here
really, it's gonna happen

Ok, so it took a while ...

britney spears in traditional korean dress
Fo' real. My Asian fetish and my Britney Spears fetish are currently joint-activating like Voltron.

Nick Denton's porn blog.

california is burning
The satellite pic I've been wanting to see.

(imagine an image of Jackie O walking in New York, looking casual and happy and stylish)

so much beauty in the world
If you know where I can find video, leave a comment. (video, no thanks to you)

People take pictures of other people's asses with their cameraphones. The asses get rated. The mobile Internet is justified.

The Photographer's Right - A Downloadable Flyer
"Your Rights When Stopped or Confronted for Photography"

Top Ten Digital Photography Tips
Actually, these tips aren't that great. Maybe I'll poke around...

protest pics go here
+people, flags
+rode the six hundred
+what are they looking at?
+it's not over here either
+"the people, united"
+"will never be defeated..."
+actually, this is as far as they got
+corraled in times square
+nothing to see here
+spam in times square
+after, on the train

what the cops did and why

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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, harry wrote:


I heard three crowd comments when I was in New York. Two of them were predictable: "Go back to Iraq!" and "Get out of New York! You're not wanted here! I wish you had a loved one that died in 9/11, then you'd know what time it is."

The third was a hotel doorman to another hotel doorman, watching the stream of protestors: (in strong accent) "These are the real Americans right here...all the rest is just bullshit."

Gorgeous photos of NYC. Probably the last new entry in the Photos section for a while. Sigh.

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