Hi Hamilcar and Felicia
Just realized I never posted my set from Lifted.

February mixed
a photo of a street in San Francisco's Chinatown at night

1. Jonny Greenwood - Moon Mall
2. Young Galaxy - Blown Minded
3. Oneohtrix Point Never - Format & Journey North
4. Terry Riley - Happy Ending


Doing Things By Halves
Picture of treesMy first mix in ... six years? Lie down and be counted.

download mp3

1. David Bowie - Moss Garden b/w KLF - Justified and Ancient
2. Tim Hecker - Brownwedding
3. Secede - Born In A Tropical Swamp
4. Legion of Green Men - Stars Above Stars Below
5. Kate Bush - Joanni
6. Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Mothercorn
7. Gas - untitled
8. Claude Debussy - Nocturnes (Nuages)
9. Seefeel - Industrious
10. David Sylvian - Darshana (FSOL remix)
11. Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Future (The Orb's Bucket & Bong mix)

New set. Half an hour of noisy techno. 1. 'Musik Ohne Bass', Schaffhaeuser and Wessling. 2. 'Saying Goodbye', Rework and Khan feat. Julee Cruise. 3. 'Delay Lama', Dandy Jack and the Latin Lava 4. 'How We Rock', Reinhardt Voight. 5. 'Who Taught You Math "edit"', Robert Hood.

My set from Signals and Systems, June 19th 2002
audio: high quality, low quality

Biosphere - When I Leave
Autechre - Yulquen
Peter Green - The Sinister Plot
cloudDEAD - Empty Things
Biosphere - Le Grande Dme
Vladislav Delay - Notke
Figurera - Elehqn
Stravinsky - Round of the Princesses (Khorovod) - Arranged by Isao Tomita
Esem - Postledd
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Prefuse 73 - 7th Message
Anti-Pop Consortium - Ping Pong
Genuine - Playground
Kid Koala - Emperor's Main Course
Bjork - Come To Me (Black Dog mix)
Rhythm and Sound w/ Tikiman - Never Tell You (version)
Pita - Get Out pt. 3
Curtis Chip - It Starts With A G

My Signals and Systems set from June is online - high quality, low quality. Tracks from cloudDEAD, Biosphere, Esem, Pita, Curtis Chip, more (tracklist). The minidisc recorder mysteriously turned itself off at some point, so there's a gap.

His master's voiceI recorded a 45-minute ambient freakout session prepping for Signals and Systems. Biosphere, Figurera, Boards of Canada, etc. Here's the mp3, and the tracklist.

"People call it experimental music, but I don't. I know what I'm doing." --Harry Partch

I'll be playing a super-experimental ambient set this Wednesday for Signals and Systems, at MIT's Thirsty Ear pub, right where Mass Ave meets the Charles. $7 pitchers of beer, $2.50 for a bottle of Sam. Here's a recent playlist if you want to check the flava:

Biosphere - Le Grande Dme/Nook and Cranny/Grandiflore
Reinhard Voigt - Hier und Jetzt
The Firesign Theater - Waiting for the Electrician or Someone Like Him
Peter Green - The Sinister Plot
Figurera - elehqn
Rhythm and Sound w/ Tikiman - Never Tell You (version)
Plaid - Eshish
Stravinsky - Round of the Princesses (Khorovod) - Arranged by Isao Tomita
Bola - W.i.K
Esem - Postledd
Boards of Canada - Everything You Do Is A Balloon
Prefuse 73 - 7th Message

And here's a 45-minute mp3 of the Sunday afternoon bedroom set.

Finally ripped and encoded my March 9th set at the Appliance of Science. Listen here. Mostly micro/tech-house: Akufen, Thomas Brinkmann, Ricardo Villalobos, etc. Check out the track list.

March 9th, at the Cellar : The Appliance of Science

  1. S.I. Futures - We Are Not A Rock Band (Buckfunk 3000 remix)
  2. Human League - All I Ever Wanted (Alter Ego remix)
  3. Depeche Mode - I Feel Love (Thomas Brinkmann remix)
  4. John Tejada and Arian Leviste - Syntax Free
  5. Auch - Tomorrow Goodbye (Ricardo Villalobos remix)
  6. Akufen - Brown Hawaii
  7. Geoff White and Sutekh - Delay 06
  8. Thomas Brinkmann - Susi (2)
  9. Hakan Lidbo - mitt/verkligheten
  10. Thomas Fehlmann - Whistle
  11. Sensual Physics - Staubfunk
  12. M.R.I. - Nightclubbing At Home

I've been listening to my sets from the Advocate and the Cellar over and over. It's torture, but it's instructive. I lost the plot at some point during my Cellar set: the track sequencing just became random, and my beatmatching skills disappeared. The Advocate set, the set that I kind of tossed off, turned out much better. Dance sets (like the Advocate, unlike the Cellar), though, it's always easy to put together an emotional arc. With idm, what, I move from melancholy to playful and back?
Actually. Hmmm....
Anyway, I'll be posting both sets in the next week or so.

1. T. Brinkmann - Xenia
2. Sascha Funke - Drei Auf Drei
3. Dettinger - Blonde
4. Weltzwei - Innercity
5. John Tejada + Arian Leviste - Syntax Free
6. Auch - Tomorrow Goodbye (R. Villalobos rmx)
7. Akufen - Brown Hawaii
8. Geoff White and Sutekh - Delay 6
9. Sensual Physics - ?
10. Thomas Fehlmann - ?
11. M.R.I - Nightclubbing At Home

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