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What's that sound?


Happy New Year

Lights + music (link dump)

Wonderful Philip Glass animation from Sesame Street

Justice on Jimmy Kimmel

Type in your username, it'll show you music videos on Youtube based on your charts ... eventually. After you click around a lot, and cross your fingers. It should look at your data and just give you a list of links to videos you'll like, but nooo, you have to choose an artist, then a track, then hope there are video links. Boo.

Giant Steps
Flash-based visualizations of Coltrane's "Giant Steps" by Tommy Flanagan and Michal Levy. (via this post on cityofsound on New Musical Experiences)

fit but you know it video remix
with Kano, Donae'o, Lady Sovereign and Tinchy Stryder

Yo, this is the new Streets video. I know you hipster bitches listen to Mike Skinner, go watch.

Check out the Junior Senior video. Seriously. Do it. The drunk squirrel is only the beginning.

mind candy dvd
"...a very dedicated group of people from "the scene" have spent two years painstaking recovering demos from obscurity, finding the old 286 and 386 hardware, installing the needed (obsolete) cards, and capturing them perfectly in full digital glory."

It's only $16 with S&H. Buy it.

The Streets
Fucking! Fuck yeah!
(Also: videos.)

Nice selection of electronic music videos. But also full-screen video streaming channels: effortless eye/ear candy. Tune in, turn on, drop...

Unofficial Björk video archive. Surprisingly quick downloads for a site located in Austria.

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