I'd like to be able to play my library of mp3s without opening the laptop, but when I think about using a phone or tablet with some kind of iTunes-like interface (Microsoft Access for music!) I get depressed.

There's gotta be a better way. Somewhere at the intersection of existing public curation a la Discogs (genre/style assignments, album lists), a hypothetical Wikipedia/Allmusic mashup, and a kind of conceptual theme library that overlays different viewpoints on music history and how artists relate to each other ... and ideally a visual experience to match. I've always thought that an ideal music player would actually transform the entire music player, and perhaps your surrounding environment, to match the music being played. A grotty punk club. A swank hotel bar. Coincidentally Apple's Vision Pro comes out this year.

Forgot how gorgeous light during winter can be

Laurel Halo

aquifer mp3

So now Brooklyn is turning out awesome electro-techno. Not fair.

Electronic musicians in Brooklyn

That's some OG New York synth wizard, Oneohtrix Point Never in the middle and Laurel Halo to his right.

red planet red planet red planet red planet red planet red planet red planet
Welcome to Earth, Alex - a Red Planet mix. Red Planet is a totally unique brand of techno. It probably won't convert you if you hate techno, but if you've ever enjoyed music by that name this is a must-listen.

A photo of the red planet, Mars

Late night links

These mixes look absolutely sick. The page design, I mean. The icons are so pretty.

Doing Things By Halves
Picture of treesMy first mix in ... six years? Lie down and be counted.

download mp3

1. David Bowie - Moss Garden b/w KLF - Justified and Ancient
2. Tim Hecker - Brownwedding
3. Secede - Born In A Tropical Swamp
4. Legion of Green Men - Stars Above Stars Below
5. Kate Bush - Joanni
6. Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Mothercorn
7. Gas - untitled
8. Claude Debussy - Nocturnes (Nuages)
9. Seefeel - Industrious
10. David Sylvian - Darshana (FSOL remix)
11. Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Future (The Orb's Bucket & Bong mix)


Lights + music (link dump)

2step mix
latest episode in the bloggariddims podcast is a selection of classic 2step garage. if the R&B flourishes don't put you off, some great beats and basslines here. (personally, i love R&B, but i know a lot of people who hate it with a deep and enduring hate.)

tracklist + commentary

i've been trapped in a (glorious) techno/house rut for a while, so it's nice to remember what a wide world of beats it is out there...

Thanks Ewan
This mix is pretty much the only thing between me and the pit right now. If you've been hoping Ewan Pearson would go back to the dreamy, gorgeous style from Sci.Fi.Hi.Fi, this one's for you. And the track "hatchback - white diamond (prins thomas disco miks part 1)" made me want to get it on vinyl and inflict my DJing on the world again, which hasn't happened in, shit ... long time.

OiNK is bacon

OiNK was a private bittorrent site for music. If I had been an OiNK user who had stolen many tons of music through it, I would be mourning it right now. On the other hand, it's useful to question the "yeah man FUCK the record companies" view on digital rights. Musicians gotta eat, yo.

(There's got to be a better discussion of that issue somewhere...)

If I donate a few thousand dollars to a musicians' pension fund, can I be absolved of guilt?

Looped-in minimal house blog + mixes. When someone on ilx says "I found all this stuff on ____" I pay attention.

wiki for links to dj mixes and track listings.

The Avalanches have a new mixtape up for download, the Yoga Mind Meld Relaxation Tape. If you don't have their LP "Since I Left You", you now have your album for summer 2007.

With absolutely no justification other than the fact that it's > 20 minutes long and has street noise, I'm hoping this is the "...and the day turned to night" of microhouse.

I'm wary. Great speaker + good book is better than bad speaker + great book.

Downloads and discussion of lectures, speeches etc.

Blog posting mp3s of wonderful music you've never heard.

Bunch of old Jeff Mills Wizard mixes digitized from tapes made from '86-'89 off Detroit radio, ready to download. I am told they feature sick mixing and scratching, mostly hip-hop with some electro, funk ...

Finally got around to listening. Like I said somewhere else, "UNBELIEVABLE mixing and scratching. It's like you're listening to him invent electronic dance music on the fly. Which I guess is exactly what he's doing."

Click "music" and check out the minimixes.

Download it, listen reflect renew (and by renew I mean, ouch my head.)

Sasha Frere-Jones says to download this mix by Kocky. Sadly I do whatever Sasha tells me to, so ok.

Every rave tape stuffed into the glove compartment of every gray 1990 Corolla, back seat littered with flyers, currently sitting in a parking lot in western Mass, now online.

That's right, it's "sound art". I'm a glutton for punishment...

Dr. benchun sez if you don't get a steady diet of breakbeats your brain loses plasticity and your imagination and sex drive suffer. Take two of these.

Holy shit, I guess I'm still feeling idm. (I re-discover this like once a month.) di Luca takes yr favorite hip-hop and crunchy idm beats and puts em together in a yummy goo ... hey, where are you going?

Ok how about this: he drops a Paul's Boutique track, pretty much un-fucked-with, and it sounds right at home in the mix.

some musical selections in podcast form

(these are not direct links)

Booking agent representing badasses like John Tejada and David Duriez, with free downloadable mixes from same.

frenchbloke - a website of sorts
Th' best mashupmegamixes evah. Frenchbloke has some shit for your aaaaass.

charley ten dot com
I'm listening to a really sick deep tech-house mix from this site right now ... oh but I just looked, it's not linked anywhere ... sorry ...

The Streets - podcast
Mike Skinner is casting down your mom.

get a podcast of your favorite band

Update: haven't gotten this to work yet

So Hype Machine aggregates mp3s from a bunch of mp3 blogs.

ok, pretty cool.

they also have a podcast of those mp3s.


but if you read the About page, you'll see that they offer a podcast of pretty much any page on the site - **including search results**.

that means you can search for your favorite band and subscribe to a podcast of mp3s of their stuff. the most recent 4 tracks in the Futureheads podcast are a couple tracks off the Area EP and a couple remixes of Hounds of Love - none of which I've heard.

fuckin' a.

the stycast
stylus magazine podcast. looks good.

Sans Soleil - Sunlines
Free mp3 album of live tracks. His stuff as Hydraulic is spectacular, I have high hopes for this.

party ben information systems
Mashup mp3s. Try "Walking with a ghost in Paris".

Hype Machine
Aggregates mp3s from blogs.

I don't care what anyone says, boom selection is still cool
Download the baile funk mix. DO IT. Brasil!

Classic Cat
Free downloads of classical music performances.

old-school 80s hip-hop electro breaks mixes

The whole back catalog. Everything.

the mixing bowl
DJ mix mp3 torrents

ODB covered Sussudio by Phil Collins
Yes! He did. Yes he did. Go git.

mix of the month
You can't see it, but I'm bouncing up and down in my chair here. And I Pavlov for Rex the Dog, Alter Ego and many many of those names.

Not your usual bollocks
Indie mp3 podcasting. Or: have obscure music automatically downloaded to your iPod while you sleep.

Mashups of songs from "Revolver". If you don't know who made that album, leave this website immediately, thanks.

ghetto postage
Dip a toe in the grime, go on. mp3s and scene critique.

tons of free mp3s of vintage radio shows
"Abbott and Costello, Superman, Groucho Marx, The Avenger, Gunsmoke, Sherlock Homes, and many others."

Free mp3s of Sherlock Holmes radio dramas from the 1930s
As BoingBoing put it: "The Sherlock Holmes Society of London has hundreds of free MP3s of Sherlock Holmes radio plays from the 1930s -- amazing!"

Download rare Beatles Christmas songs
Originally sent out to fan club members in the '60s.

Animal Collective, Devendra Banhart.

where to get songs by dead people
Old jazz recordings etc. Cocaine, champagne, economic hardship, crackly gramaphones.

EARLabs mp3s
"Hi quality music with hi fi compression. there are two major lines; Laboratoire Moderne presents new and contemporary sounds while Laboratoire Classique presents online re-releases of old and long deleted master releases."

singing speaking sounding
a new ambient drone indie washout lovefest mix. by jube.

appliance of science - archive
recorded upstairs at the cellar

1 Million Free & Legal Music Tracks!
free music wiki attempting to track the fall of every perceptually encoded sparrow

lots of free vladislav delay/luomo here and here

GOODIEBAG / demonbag 7" series
So much good free music! Goodiepal Goodiepal Goodiepal.

free bootlegs
as in live concert recordings, ADD-head

textone | at the internet archive
dubby tech net label

the slack album
Another Black Album mashup, this time with Slanted and Enchanted. Really good according to MeFi.

the whole world just got smaller
A mix! by Philip Sherburne.

london booted
boot mash version of clash classic

jungle/hardcore mixes are rumored to be good here

"listener created playlists of songs on the web"
Very cool. Click play and it goes. Better than streaming web radio cuz you have more control over what you're listening to. The one I'm listening to is even well-sequenced.

neumu gramaphone
mp3s with the imprimatur (er, no ... approval?) of the highbrowest indie geeks this side of the wire

audio lunchbox
Buy full albums as mp3s, no DRM.

cocaine blunts and hip hop tapes
mp3s and hip hop shit talk. (thank god, nsfw)

Steve "Steinski" Stein & Douglas "Double Dee" DiFranco's -- Lesson One: The Payoff Mix -- Lesson Two: The James Brown Mix -- Lesson Three: The History of Hip-Hop
"Made entirely with double-cassette decks and Steinski's extensive vinyl collection, these three tracks paved the way for current cut-and-paste turntablist experimentation. Countless basement DJs were influenced by The Lessons, including DJ Shadow and Cut Chemist, who both released unofficial tributes called 'Lesson Four.'"

update: Double Dee clears things up in the comments section:
Just to set the record straight we used a turntable, a mono reel to reel, a 2 track reel to reel and an 8 track reel to reel machine. Using cassette decks would have been like a ballerina dancing with construction boots.
update two: Yeah, I'm namedropping.

kleptones - yoshimi battles the hip-hop robots
"could disappear soon - be quick"

Sasha Frere Jones's blog.

mp3s from Freaky Trigger.

soul sides - the log
Soul jazz and hip-hop mp3s.

'virtual 7" mp3 teen-pop-disco-punk'

the netlabel catalogue
Free mp3 labels.

Cheap, legal Russian mp3s.

go home productions
Mashups - Beatles, Kylie, more.

Because I love you: Belle and Sebastian - I'm A Cuckoo, remixed by the Avalanches. Here.

Muted Tones
"Seven curators, seven months, seventy minutes of music. Each month is assigned to a curator, whose job it is to fill ten minutes with the sounds of their choosing. They are invited to keep a log of their work, as they create it. Each month, their ten minute piece of music is made available for streaming or download."

thestreets - themix
Dodgy mixing, but still got Mikee's charm.

the Agriculture
Welcome to the Center for New Illbient. MP3 department is down the hall, comrade.

outlaw djs nu skool breaks mix
It's fun. But, um, you can skip the Pink remix.

Welcome back to the work week. Another brilliant DJ Food mix available at boom selection. "Raiding the 20th Century", by Strictly Kev.

free Figurera mp3s
Figurera's "De Reparera" is brilliant, by the way.

"In December 2003, Warp will make our entire back catalogue and all new releases available as high quality, pay-per-track MP3 downloads.

bleep.com will be the quickest and easiest method of downloading Warp music from the internet. Unlike p2p file sharing (or even iTunes), bleep.com does not require users to install proprietary software to access MP3 downloads. More information to come soon!

As with this site, bleep.com is designed and built by THE DESIGNERS REPUBLIC and KLEBER


update: It's up. Cower, humans.

a list of free mp3s
We'll kind of tell you where they are, but not really. It's like a scavenger hunt! We kill puppies.

Download free albums from THINNER sublabel AUTOPLATE.

fluxblog : a return to form
"Please note that mp3s are only offered for a limited time"

Currently offering new Jay-Z, don't sleep.

Sharing the Groove
Download live recordings via BitTorrent.

my mixtapes
EMusic mixtapes.

mp3shits - download latest free mp3 songs and full albums
I probably shouldn't post stuff like this here, given that this site is frequented by an EVIL RIAA SPY.

The sounds of 808state
Unreleased/live tracks ("Acid Jam (808 live at Manchester New Century Hall Rave)" from 1989!), full gigs! Midis! And a big ol' picture of Bjork if that wasn't enough.

"the reckankomplex is home to ascii * blitter * dj hekla * gai/jin * hrvatski * reckankreuzungsklankewerkzeuge * keith fullerton whitman."

get beats : aphex twin
I'm not sure all of these are actually him, but free music! Oh yeah, and this is to commemorate the release of "26 Mixes for Cash". Or something. Definitely not just psyched about the free music.

Man Parrish
Electro-hip-hop pioneer gives his stuff away.

odessa music: where everyone's a rock star
"the idea of odessa music is to share some favorite tunes. read the articles, or don't."
(can't make it work)

uk garage
mp3s: 2step.isonfire.com
sites: ukunderground.biz
live "pirate" radio stream: dj-sl.co.uk

speedy j
Worst site navigation ever. Hint: hold down the spacebar, click the mouse, then release the spacebar. Lots of free music though, and we are in a recession, if you hadn't noticed.

update: apparently,
"It's not supposed to be a walk in the park." -- Speedy J (*)

* -- Actual quote
So, my bad. I guess.

when in rome: promise
ilm suggestions

"a temporary archive of sounds resident on our playlists this week"

Anthony Saunders's iDisk
This idm Weezer cover is either really awesome or terrible. I just can't tell. I consume media way too fast to even think about forming critical judgements. Next!

Russian mp3 download/search site. The weird thing is that most of the download links seem to actually work. If it wasn't for them I wouldn't be listening to 'Blue Monday' right now.

9 Beet Stretch
"...consists of of Ludwig van Beethoven's 9th symphony stretched to 24 hours, leading it closer to eternity than ever." Only, um, why is there a fifth movement?

In honor of the World Cup (I know I'm a bit late): featured mp3: New Order - World In Motion (why?)

no type
Online mp3-based label.

A question about idm mp3 pages on idm-m elicited this:
"Further to diveintomercury's suggestions..

http://www.systemf3.com/ - not necessarily quite in the direction you're talking about, but at least check out the Acustic stuff as that might be more in line with what you want.

http://www.electraum.com - bunch of IDM stuff on rotate.

Kracfive have set up an MP3 rotator.. http://www.kracfive.com

There's also quite a bit of interesting stuff on http://www.epitonic.com if you feel inclined to snoop around.


Murcof apparently has an album coming up on Leaf. Must check that out. (Also: artist site)

An entire free Herbert album (in his Radio Boy guise). Much less jazzy than the material he's won fame for, comes complete with earnest political agenda.

Many free mp3s at subverseco, check out the Books On Tape material.

INEVITABLE BACKLASH'S FEATURED MP3: Bob Holroyd - African Drug. Ethno-tribal goodness, propulsive enough to avoid the cheese.

The Andrew Weatherall mix is (shock!) great. electro radio

boom selection - looks like a music blog, focusing on bootlegs. Fun mp3s to download - Britney vs. Eminem, Outkast remixed by Fatboy slim. (Update: bsx is a helpful filter for the boom selection stuff, whittling it down to the must-listen boots and mixes. I live on the wrong fucking side of the Atlantic.)

Soulwax does more of that boots/mixes stuff. From how it's talked about it seems to be some kind of hub in those parts. There's a Cylob remix also.

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