Good all-in-one guide to preparing for coronavirus

Useful meta-reviews of health studies
Cochrane findings that will help you

Can't believe I didn't bookmark Cochrane studies here when I found out about them. Cochrane reviews are the antidote to pop-sci articles on health issues talking about a study that just came out with n=20 and results not yet replicated. Study shows Volvo drivers 10 times as likely to experience stress-related tinnitus, maybe.

Stuff that's interesting to me:

  • Acupuncture is pretty good
  • Antioxidants aren't that great and are maybe bad
  • Exercise is good
  • Bicycle helmets are good, so are motorcycle helmets
  • Melatonin is good for jet lag
  • Muscle relaxants are probably good for lower back pain
  • Unsaturated fat is probably better than saturated
  • Reducing salt seems good (however, my understanding is that the important thing is the salt/potassium balance, so increasing potassium might be just as good?)
  • Chinese herbal medicine might reduce cold symptoms (okay I am so down with visiting Chinatown when I feel a cold coming on, give me all the elixirs)

When stress looks like calm
Hidden stress

"When deeply stressed, I become even more serenely calm and unflappable than usual. It happens gradually. Iím a fairly laid back chap usually, so nobody (including me) notices the change. I shrug a few things off. I donít let things get to me, but over time I can end up letting things slide that I have no business letting slide. Or absorbing bullshit that I should be challenging and confronting. Or, worse, failing to help other people when I should."

The Grant Study
The Grant Study is part of the Study of Adult Development at Harvard Medical School. It is a 75-year longitudinal study of 268 physically- and mentally-healthy Harvard college sophomores from the classes of 1939Ė1944.

Valliant's main conclusion is that "warmth of relationships throughout life have the greatest positive impact on 'life satisfaction'". Put differently, Valliant says the study shows: "Happiness is love. Full stop."


All foods ranked by goodness
So this ranked list of foods by nutritional density is thought-provoking but flawed.

I just don't believe that salsa (what kind, anyway?) is better than me for beets, and the reason I don't is sodium. But that's apparently not factored in.

Different ways of preparing food will impact the nutritional value.

Also, and I'm basing this off a couple hours of fascinating discussion with Dylan when we'd already had a few, different people have different gut flora which affect their ability to digest different kinds of food.

But I like the idea.

Longevity tips from a secret but well-informed source
  • Exercise
  • Antioxidants
  • Calcium supplements (for women and men)

A friend who moves in rarefied circles where knowledge is power and power is money says those are the keys to a long life. Also, apparently the baby boomers are going to live forever. Great, the most self-absorbed, self-satisfied, self-aggrandizing generation in history will never leave us. We'll be hearing stories about how magical the 60s were when we're in our old age.

I would also like to be able to fly by flapping my arms.

From yoga to Active Isolated Stretching to massage.

ACS (anterior compartment syndrome)
One of the several conditions people refer to as shin splints. I think this is what I have? Doesn't hurt that much but it could stop me from running,

Neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD

Would love to see some other articles confirming the Butnik results.

How to squash negative thought patterns
Exactly the kind of self-help advice that made me vomit as a teenager. I guess that was a while ago.

dry air in planes causes colds
Well, OK: according to one study from 2004. They claim the problem is dry mucous membranes.

The Noonday Demon: An Atlas of Depression
Site for the book includes excellent links to depression resources.

dysthymic disorder

Maybe apropos:Extraordinary Popular Delusions and the Madness of Crowds

some metafilter threads about depression and antidepressants
1, 2

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