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Christopher Walken says Ladies are your

"Okay....look....friend. You've gotta stop
thinking about the girl. She...she lied to
you- your family knows it. Look, I knew that
stings, like a wasp, like a wasp with teeth,
baby! Here's some walking around money. Take
it from me, go and get yourself a new suit.
Not one of those JC...Penny jobs, but a good
suit. A nice fabric, like Wool. Get yourself
a wool suit and enjoy yourself. See a
cockfight, anything, pal? Look, you're number

What advice would Christopher Walken give you?
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Things Other People Accomplished When They Were Your Age

"At age 32:

Penniless and unemployed, Buckminster Fuller decided against suicide, resolving instead to live out the rest of his life as an experiment to see what one person could do to help humanity."

A couple years ago I stopped being able to enjoy celebrity profiles and interviews. But the very existence of this kid mocks all my dreams and aspirations.

Good Christ, there's another Lukas Bergstrom in the US. I thought I was the only one outside of Sweden. Not only that, he lives in San Francisco. He probably works for Google and dates Nicole Kidman, too.

Stewart always comes up with the good ideas first (in this case, a photo survey of essential pieces of Boston.) That asshole.

Horrible, depressing story in the Times today about a hit-and-run driver. Couple nice bits though: "The underlying motive is that he just hates people." And the neighbors, instead of saying what a nice, quiet person he was, basically saying "yeah, I always thought he was an asshole."

The what, why and who are forthcoming.

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