I have not forgotten
I am in the office at 6:52 after an all-nighter, the kind where you're playing catch-up and scrambling to meet a deadline. Embarrassing. And I'm listening to UB-40, so doubly embarrassing. But that's not why I decided to write. I decided to write because I just remembered my first and only visit to Parrotfish Records in St. Thomas, USVI. My mom took me because she knew I was a music geek. The color scheme, the decor, the stuff on display, all Jamaican. Not the proprietor, clearly a mainlander, middle-aged and sour-looking. I didn't know much about reggae or dancehall, so I asked for some dub. For my trouble I got a five minute lecture about how nobody in Jamaica listens to that "drug music" any more. And after lecturing me on "drug music" he tries to sell me some dancehall! The record sleeve was probably covered with five-pointed leaves! The fucking nerve!

"In Rainbows" DRM-free mp3s not exactly audiophile quality

That's "Bodysnatchers". Or maybe the whole album is just compressed to shit.

Used record stores in LA
I knew about Amoeba and Record Surplus. Apparently I need to check out Freakbeat and Atomic, and Fingerprints if I ever make it down to Long Beach.

Sounds like they accept about 75% of what they get sent, so that makes it ~200 CDs per 60 GB video iPod ... hmmm, how much does Amoeba pay per used CD I wonder?

dealnews - how to go broke saving money
Gadgets, media, etc. Almost what you need, a little earlier than you planned to get it, for a little bit less than you probably would have paid. Basically, irresistible.

Before this opened LA didn't have a single decent record store with listening stations. So heeellllls yeah.

Submerge ::: Detroit Techno
Apparently a lot of the Underground Resistance stuff got repressed recently, but a reliable source says "avoid the dodgy electro records in the 30's of the UR catalogue.".

The whole back catalog. Everything.

I Love Music rough guide to...
Holy shit. The thermonuclear version of "five cds to introduce you to [60s bubblegum pop, new orleans brass bands, metal, rave, etc]".

music to buy

Perspex Sex Remixes - Freeform Five
listen to "Ewan's Hi-NRG mix"

audio lunchbox
Buy full albums as mp3s, no DRM.

Hip-hop mixtapes.

"In December 2003, Warp will make our entire back catalogue and all new releases available as high quality, pay-per-track MP3 downloads.

bleep.com will be the quickest and easiest method of downloading Warp music from the internet. Unlike p2p file sharing (or even iTunes), bleep.com does not require users to install proprietary software to access MP3 downloads. More information to come soon!

As with this site, bleep.com is designed and built by THE DESIGNERS REPUBLIC and KLEBER


update: It's up. Cower, humans.

ilm on us record stores

"L.A.: I prefer Aron's to Amoeba in many respects. It's less of a headache to shop at, the people seem to know more, and it's often much cheaper. Also, Sea Level in Echo Park is great. Headline on Melrose is good for obscure punk rock. R.I.P.: No Life."

"Also, Record Surplus on Pico Ave, which is great for cheap LPs (they only carry older stuff it seems) and reasonably priced CDs. Also, their 92 cent CD section can be a goldmine. Since the guys who run it seem to know popular music moreso than underground, you can find some steals in that section. Just picked up a copy of the Low and Dirty Three EP there for a buck."

ilm on LA record stores
some weird dude on LA classical

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