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omg the web is alive

Leisure Town
Someone's still paying the server bills for this mothballed, dark, amazing web comic, and it looks good on a phone, too.

Leisure Town

image of a dude shooting up from underwater

Web comics that are not Achewood
Because I might need them someday.

heavy freaks
Positive Ape Index

"You've seen them. There's one that's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust in your uncle Billy's garage for 30 years now. It's image flickers through your head when you're daydreaming about hotrods and monster movies and eating corndogs at the carnival."

Overcompensating: a real true journal comic
"Truly the dark side is for utter bitches."

Matt Groening Apple Ad
A 1989 Macintosh ad from the creator of the Simpsons.

The Perry Bible Fellowship (archive)
Holy shit it's the first good comic since Calvin & Hobbes.

Spaniel Rage
"Coming soon!"

return to sender
comic. with pictures and words and stuff. neet.

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One Acre Fund

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