Attention deficit spending

You'd think that moving thousands of miles away would reduce distractions; unfortunately as long as my laptop is turned on I have the potential to spiral off into the Merely Interesting. Field work is a good antidote.

One of the links references a book called Rapt: Attention and the Focused Life which seems dedicated to showing that "we have much more control over our focus than we think". Not a viewpoint I've seen in the literature, so I'm curious.

Neurofeedback in the treatment of ADHD

Would love to see some other articles confirming the Butnik results.

This paper is interesting: it supports the finding that ADD is associated with higher density of dopamine transporter (DAT). It also suggests that nicotine has an effect similar to methylphenidate in patients with high DAT density.

danah backlink

add resources, or, my chemically augmented superbrain will destroy you all
born to explore
*national resource center
mayo clinic

It's going to be awfully embarrassing if my self-diagnosis doesn't pan out, of course.

addconsults - looks like good articles + transcripts
ADHD news - primarily for parents of adhd kids has a decent research page

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