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fun things to project at your next party

From New York's School of Visual Arts. Don't have any of these books, but want them all. (That's right: I don't own a single Tufte book.)

Proceedings of the Athanasius Kircher Society
Currently featuring: visionary architecture (including houses made of living trees), timelines of timelines, cat pianos, the lawn chair balloonist.

nationwide printer profiles
Apparently CostCo is the best place on earth to get digital prints made - excellent printers, and the print cost is less than what you'd pay for ink if you bought your own printer. So this database is both a collection of printer profiles (ie, use this with Photoshop and your print will match what you see on screen) and a useful directory of CostCos to do your printing at.

free ideas
Why Not?

Publically submitted ideas for things that should exist. Some of the ideas are good. Just add perspiration, lots of it.

easyRGB color harmonies
Color is a big new scary world for me.

Theatrum Orbis Terrarum
For all you Orb fans. With images.

Kickass news aggregator for design-oriented weblogs. Of course, this makes no sense, since checking out the freaky design and graphics is 80% of the reason to visit these sites, but whatever.

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Internet classic

One Acre Fund


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