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The most common tool used by (corporate and government) decision-makers to show structured arguments is, of course, PowerPoint. And because no single "argument template" is appropriate, you'd be hard-pressed to find a better one.

see also Ninja Tools for Meetings

Joi: "You get up. They cue up a random presentation. You ad lib it." Morbid fascination here; same part of the brain that urges me to sprint through traffic.

Presentation Zen
"blog on issues related to professional presentation design"

See for example No excuse for tedium: Advice on giving technical presentations.

ok i'm sorta spoiled
My boss is handing out copies of Tufte's "The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint" to everyone in our group. Pretty subversive given that our company is built on slides.

the pyramid principle
Book about writing - both documents and presentations - by a woman who used to teach the subject at McKinsey.
(cheap enough at amazon uk that it might actually be worth buying)

visual language
Make better slides.

PowerPoint Is Evil
by Edward Tufte

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