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Tackling the big hairy problem of sync
Vesper Sync Diary

Haven't read this. Wonder how much of what he learned is broadly applicable vs app-specific.

Camlistore is a set of open source formats, protocols, and software for modeling, storing, searching, sharing and synchronizing data in the post-PC era.

Basically, this is designed to be How Individuals Store Their Stuff. Forever.

Ambitious, but it's from Brad Fitzpatrick, so it might actually work.

PSA: backups
Another scorching deployment of common sense from jwz (also, the simplest instructions you will ever see for scheduling daily backups - until Time Machine.)

Me = SuperDuper! daily. No offsite backup though.

I actually have very little irreplaceable stuff on my home 'puter. My email is stored on a bunch of disks in a Google server farm. My music is on three disks, counting backup and iPod. Most of my favorite photos are on Flickr. Etc.

Argues that Amazon S3 is cheaper than running your own backup server; others advocate for Dreamhost.

Whoa: $5/month unlimited online backup, and enough big-name partners to make it look legit. (Mac client "by end of 2006", sigh)

p2p storage / backup. This is how it should work, not sure if this particular service is the One True Way though.

Cleversafe looks more interesting to me.

good Slashdot discussion about backup strategies
No seriously. I think most of the trolls etc saw the word "backup" and fell asleep, keeping discussion quality relatively high.

update: other discussions

incremental backup using ftp for OS X
Harder to find than you'd think. There's this: Retrospect Desktop Edition; an Express edition apparently comes bundled with some "backup devices" (hard drives?)

Apparently the best plug-and-play RAID solution. Not as expensive as I thought, either.

Update: or, build your own for $500. (wait, that's not RAID)

or: Yellow Machine

Use Streamload for big backups
They don't mention on their website, but ftp access is available. For $5 a month you can upload as much as you want. My backup solution has arrived! C'mere prince, gimme a kiss! (Ok, there is a catch ... if you ever need to get at those backups, you'll need to shell out a few hundred bucks to actually be able to download them. But that will never happen surely?)

Map an ftp server as a drive under Windows.

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