Loopy: a tool for thinking in systems
I want to die with a dry-erase marker in my hand, drawing a final arc between two poorly-drawn boxes.

Loopy webapp

Visualize the CSS color function

I absolutely do not need this, but ... direct manipulation!

I will figure out the need later
I want to create a timeline with Timeline by Verite.

Enter data, generate charts, use wherever. Neat model: mark the data you enter as freely available, the service is free. Keep it private, you pay.

Spectacular overview, history, and resources/tools list for treemaps (a method of visualizing tree structures that can convey information beyond just hierarchy, such as size, proximity etc.)

Embryonic version of automatic graph generator for Windows based on the kickass Graphviz from AT&T Research.

With collaborative nonsense.

Yahoo! Libraries for Web Development
UI Code Library -AJAX-yjavascript
Design Pattern Library - including links to where a pattern is used by Yahoo

(some people seem to think that prototype [documentation] and dojo are better)

see also: Ajax Patterns

Colors! Um. Manipulate them and ... stuff. Supposed to be useful to web designers.

Make a clickable Flash map.

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