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Two punctures, one failed tube, and Daniel pulled through all the tough parts

Paging bikers and map geeks

I was going to write a report about riding in the LA marathon crash race, luckily Alex already did.

I'm second from the left

2012: the year in riding
A graph of all 5,025 miles I rode in 2012, excluding rides in street clothes. Weight of the lines based on how often I rode that stretch of road.

Full view:
a graph of my bike rides in 2012

Northern California only:
a graph of my bike rides in northern California in 2012

Nothing suspicious at all

For shame
post in support of Paul Kimmage

Map of road closures in the Marin Headlands

CAT series training rides around SF

Shortcuts in the supply chain
Found out that your expensive carbon fiber bicycle frame was actually mass-produced in China? Two responses: throw a fit and start buying artisan steel, or embrace it and get your dream bike direct and sans markup.

Taking LA, circular style
Midnight Ridazz do group rides through LA. My bike is a POS and I'm probably not in good enough shape to hang with these guys, but Taco Tuesday meets five minutes from my house in ... two hours. So ...

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