totally ripping this off
simon freund's super minimal site

just in case you need to rotate a 4d cube

Satellite of Love

I which I continue to post links to stuff I would have loved around the time I hacked together this blog.

When infrastructure was cheap to build

Seriously beautiful voxels and pixels
Pixels and voxels: the long answer

Also, holograms are almost sorta a thing now? (They had to have known that short clips of primitive, flickering but recognizable holograms looks exactly like a scene of out sci-fi: "then, our scientists discovered a new way to bend light.")

Prusa on a Coin-op Greg's

omg the web is alive

Building time in Berlin

I guess I have a thing for weird clocks.

Slick dataviz at Strava
Strava is a tool I use to track my bike rides: mileage, route, speed. I record rides with GPS, upload them to Strava, comment on friends' rides - cycling is already addictive, Strava makes it more so. And I love the way they visualize your rides for the year to date.

A calendar view of bike rides

Each black bar is a ride, the height corresponds to the mileage for the ride.

Big Art
Gorgeous, incredibly high-res art at Google Art Project.

I want this watch
The Accurate bears a memento mori. Nice design, too. Would royally creep out the squares, but maybe that's a good thing.

Visualize your Flickr and networks and their use of tags. Looks exceptionally pretty and useless but maybe thought-provoking for other apps.

Gorgeous design. Dude goes to a lot of bars. I've been down on these annual summaries recently, they often come across as narcissistic, or as bragging. But reflecting is good, and this report is just too damn pretty to be mad at.

Don't stare at it too long, you'll get time-vertigo.

gallery of 1,500 propaganda and advertising posters from the USSR
And they can't protest because they don't believe in private property! Or something. Plus they're probably dead. Ooo, bright colors!

(I refuse to use the title leet-speak)
Someone finally did it: they're writing a book publicly, soliciting comments on each chapter/paragraph - letting anyone write in the margins, basically. Haven't tried reading the thing yet, have a sneaking suspicion the site design is the best part.

Blog on data visualization and data visualization art.

When you click past the intro page, prepare for a giant Java app to load.

Classic transportation symbols free from AIGA
Small, perfect icons for free. Telephone, Coat Check, Ground Transportation, Coffeeshop, No Smoking, Forward and Right Arrow.

Wallpaper exchange pool on flickr
Desktop background photos.

Khoi Vinh's blog. He's now in charge of designing; his old company Behavior did the new Onion site.

"A game of tag, played by an adaptive population." I want to print this out on super-huge paper and stick it on my wall.

Hotel Fox
I will stay here next time I am in Copenhagen.

Colour of the Day (7 t-shirts)
Must ... have ... useless things ...

heavy freaks
Positive Ape Index

"You've seen them. There's one that's been sitting on a shelf gathering dust in your uncle Billy's garage for 30 years now. It's image flickers through your head when you're daydreaming about hotrods and monster movies and eating corndogs at the carnival."

firefox theme for os x
Wow, sorry, that's not so good. Let me see what else I can dig up.

This is 50mm Los Angeles, L.A.'s original Graffiti Art website.

edit: seems like that's dead, but the Instagram account is active as of 2023.

TASCHEN warehouse sale NOW
update: finding it hard to remember why I thought this was worth capital letters

aphex twin discography
In 2020, when I finally redesign this site, I will rip off that page shamelessly.

Contemporary design, gorgeous.

You've seen it. It's cool. Now my default front page for news. (Yes, I'd rather have my news be pretty than human-edited and meaningful.)

Designed By Peter Saville
Will somebody please please buy me this for my birthday? April 5th.
update: Jean's on it.

london underground template for powerpoint flowcharts
From antipulse, which may or may not be the Alex Reynolds who used to post at idm@hyperreal.

Badass design of all kinds - digital, physical, emotional. Hi Bart!

Design fucking awesome.

freeway blogger
"Someone is blogging the highways of Southern California..."

Check out the Junior Senior video. Seriously. Do it. The drunk squirrel is only the beginning.

Emigre Inc.
A type foundry and design house Anna thought I would like. Correct.

mind candy dvd
"...a very dedicated group of people from "the scene" have spent two years painstaking recovering demos from obscurity, finding the old 286 and 386 hardware, installing the needed (obsolete) cards, and capturing them perfectly in full digital glory."

It's only $16 with S&H. Buy it.

"gig posters, flyers and handbills from around the world"

Art. Lebedev | Posters
Wallpaper, actually.

Ayse Birsel
Human-centered design with a high wow factor (hexagons instead of cubicles?)

büro destruct
Audio tourism: put on your headphones, click past the splash page and then just let the front page sit in the background while you work. We need less music and more sound design. Nice screensaver, too.

The Historical Present
They're doing a PowerPoint face-off. One of the rounds, 'Rapt By Rap', requires the participants to create the PowerPoint presentation they imagine their hip-hop heroes would use to accompany their lyrics. This is anticipatory; the entries aren't up yet.

And the site's tagline made my day. And I needed it.

Pretty winamp skin. Little and blocky. Mmmm. (Ack, one of the reviews mentions Constructivism. All this synchronicity is making my head hurt.)

Best flash rabbit ever.

This collection of Chinese propaganda posters led me on a search for equivalent Russian designs. I had trouble coming up with what I thought of as archetypal Soviet propaganda posters, until I realized I was looking for a specific school called Constructivism. Constructivism turns out to be a classic old-school capital-letter Movement with (occasionally rabid) proponents in education and the arts. I want to argue passionately about ideas and make love as a political act. I want to belong to a movement. That said, I'm still looking for a good online gallery of Constructivist propaganda posters.

i was intrigued to see how other designers would illustrate the usually plain inflight sickbag...
The dtac ones are my favorites, I think.

Dance for me, dance! (Neat-o Flash freshness courtesy of Jean.)

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