Nothing to do with my trip, but worth a read.

"Have you heard of Peter Pan?"
"No. Have you heard of Metro North?"

Now I understand: globalization is killing America
I've always wondered why the LA used car market isn't heaven for buyers; so many cars leased for two years and then exchanged for new models, there should be a glut of near-mint sports cars and overstuffed couches on wheels.

Then I get to Moscow and I'm told there's a thriving market for used cars from the US in Russia. My informant says cars from California are especially common since they arrive in such good condition. LA's precious natural resources are being shipped across the ocean for use by the post-Soviet nouveau riche! Of all the nerve.

I ask the people of France: is Charles de Gaulle airport really the face you want to present to the world? And if so, why do you hate us?

Travel geeks talk top tips to travel cheap - er, I mean, if you have some time on your hands and your travel plans are flexible, you could score some deals here.

Yellow loading zones are in effect from 7 to 6 only, and not on Sundays, and green loading zones are 8 to 6 only, not on Sundays, but white loading zones are 24/7. And don't fuck with red or blue ever.

It'll predict security wait times and actual flight departure times (based on delays so far today, history, ?black magic?.)

Tell it where and when you're flying, it'll tell you when it's cheapest to buy your ticket.

dry air in planes causes colds
Well, OK: according to one study from 2004. They claim the problem is dry mucous membranes.

Los Angeles Shortcuts - A-1 Courier - Messenger Service Los Angeles
The stuff that I'm qualified to judge is right on. This is my best post ever. Yes, better than Leisure Town.

Holy shit, Crenshaw to Rossmore.

don't get taken
Good, slightly paranoid advice.


ask mefi recommendations

Los Angeles real-time traffic info
Hollywood surface streets
LA freeways

vs California traffic tickets. Including a "step-by-step guide to contesting your ticket without a court appearance."

US Treasury Auctions in LA
US Marshals List of Sellers (federal seizures)
Supposedly the savings here are not that great, and you wouldn't be able to have a mechanic check the car out first.

A bunch of people on MeFi try to convince me not to be an idiot
"'s primary goal is to promote informed bidding when using's (US) travel products."

Use this to find out pricing sweet spots on Priceline.

"Your enlightened guide to airline seating."

Real-time maps of traffic congestion. Some kind of personalized service I haven't looked into, also.

the route (revised)
La Punta to Quebec to El Contento to Alcyona to Vine to Argyle to Hollywood to Fairfax to Sunset to Barrington to San Vicente to 4th to Wilshire.

the last volkswagen beetle ever
baby-blue vw bug, with flower garlands, serenaded by mariachi band
This is clearly Bush's fault.

Dictionary of Sea Terms 1841/1851
From "The Seaman's Friend: Containing a Treatise on Practical Seamanship, with Plates; A Dictionary of Sea Terms; Customs and Usages of the Merchant Service; Laws Relating to the Practical Duties of Master and Mariners."

Much, much more, with special reference to the Aubrey/Maturin novels.

Manhattan Address Locator
"Have an address on an avenue? Find the cross-street here." Or vice-versa. Also finds nearest subway stop.

The Best Sports Car Value on Earth
Thanks, Eric. Thanks for setting my spirtual progress back a decade, I mean. Today's deadly sin is: avarice.

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