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"Do you owe someone a beer?"
Foamee - a Facebook app has somehow broken out of its nursery and gotten onto the web. Which isn't to say I won't use it.

A: yes, actually - a random stranger. Long story.

Send an email to the future. Talk to future you. Works especially well if you have one of those lifetime college alum email addresses.


Send this: To me, on December 21, 2003
Body: Are we still driving a '93 Volvo? Does the air conditioning work, at least?

Send this: To me, on April 5, 2010
Body: Happy 32nd birthday. Still a bachelor, I bet.

Send this: To me, on July 4, 2050
Body: The death clock says you only have a couple years left. Have we figured anything out yet?

Vectron R/C Flying Saucer
Oh my God it's a radio-controlled flying saucer! Holy fuck!

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