So are we gonna break desktops, phones or both
Long detailed fascinating ideas for the evolution of iOS and OS X

A lot of these are, cough, relevant to my current job as well.

It's hard for me to imagine developers building serious apps without root access to their development environment. On the other hand, who's to say that should drive platform evolution. Either way, the idea of OS X and iOS "growing together" is seductive, if only because it suggests a plausible future in which OS X still exists. Not sure how it squares with the constraints that make the iOS experience so unique - part of what makes iOS apps so great is the limited target area.

The scariest thing about eliminating OS X, which the author is aware of, is Apple's restrictive policies towards apps in the App Store.

Custom View Controller Extension Providers

I mean, maybe OLE's time has come again.

Software as an endless stream of cards from everywhere
The End of Apps As We Know Them

Lots of people trying to figure out what replaces the "grid of apps" approach to mobile. This article is a pretty good extrapolation of trends we're already seeing - first we had notifications. Then we had notifications you could interact with. Eventually, maybe, you'll get so many notifications you can't deal with all of them - and here PMs start salivating at the idea of being able to apply machine intelligence to the problem of what you need to look at next. (If I didn't invent the phrase "product managed to death" I don't want to know about it.)

What this approach under-emphasizes, I think, is user intent as an unpredictably evolving thing. We'll definitely get better at inferring your intent from your schedule, from your past behavior - but in a deep way user intent will always be impossible to model well. It's arguable how much this matters: most people have a daily routine, a set of boundaries they rarely go beyond. So maybe we'll be uncannily good at this most of the time. Maybe we'll even be able to model people's desire for novelty along different dimensions to keep their stream stimulating (although it's funny that we talk about stream optimization as a solved problem given how primitive efforts are today.)

But what's the UI for expressing intent above the level of a card in this model? Text or voice control, maybe, but that's just a modality. What kinds of intents - or preferences, or states - could be expressed that the system would be able to incorporate into its model? If I want something that isn't "find me X", are we back to a grid of app icons?

The thing Ive always noticed is that no one ever says, I want one of those. The proposition is always promoted as an ideal solution for someone elses computing needs and almost without exception its a use case the speaker has no direct familiarity with.

That's a good point but um let's talk about how enterprise software is sold for a second.

Daniel says I should watch this.

ls - list only the directories - "ls -d */"
I feel stupid for not knowing, and now that I've found out, I think the answer is dumb. (list everything ending in a slash? wtf) Geek petulance.

DLL Help
"A complete database of every DLL Microsoft has ever shipped, and which product it shipped with."

Crazy Apple Rumors
"At first I thought he was kidding!" Anderson exclaimed. "Then [Apple Senior Vice President for Applications] Sina [Tamaddon] says 'Wow, that's really beautiful. You're a beautiful, beautiful person.' All of a sudden I'm thinking, 'Oh, shit.'"

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