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Seriously beautiful voxels and pixels
Pixels and voxels: the long answer

Also, holograms are almost sorta a thing now? (They had to have known that short clips of primitive, flickering but recognizable holograms looks exactly like a scene of out sci-fi: "then, our scientists discovered a new way to bend light.")

I will figure out the need later
I want to create a timeline with Timeline by Verite.

Visualize your Flickr and networks and their use of tags. Looks exceptionally pretty and useless but maybe thought-provoking for other apps.

How to erase permanent marker from your dry erase board
Draw over the permanent marker with a dry erase marker, then erase (with dry eraser).

Make the Gimp's menus more like Photoshop's.

GIMP image editing tutorials
How to sharpen photos, remove noise, etc.

create giant halftone images out of eensy weensy images.

Free video processing software.

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