MacBook Pro bags and cases
My laptop gets banged around a lot and I'm not satisfied with my case. Plus the rubber one looks cool.

Not a one-stop shop, though: listings are out of date. You'd have no idea by looking at the site that Apple just released new iPods, Canon new digital cameras, etc. How expensive can human category editors be?

Wow, I actually like his writing better than his cartoons.

Ars Technica's guide to tech news and review sites
No idea how out-of-date this is, but it led me directly to what I needed.

Apparently the best plug-and-play RAID solution. Not as expensive as I thought, either.

Update: or, build your own for $500. (wait, that's not RAID)

or: Yellow Machine

Nokia E70 Preview
Cannot fucking wait. This phone will change my life.

update: user's manual, courtesy the FCC

(we need more) slow technology
Phototropic robot via We Make Money Not Art, which I need to read more often.

solar-powered iPod charger
Someday I'll need this.

advice from cell phone geeks

macrumors buyer's guide
"know when to buy your mac"

as eric says:

"we can now make anything. anything.
milling, lathing, extrusion, injection molding, laser/waterjet cutting. you name it. and, no price quoting. just import your CAD file into their software and it will tell you how much the shit will cost. tweak-repeat. prices are not bad, either."

You know what the best thing about the japanese rescue robot is? The second arm is completely useless! Probably doesn't even work! They just put it there because a humanoid robot is cooler than a glorified piece of construction equipment. Go Japan!

cleaning your xbox
"...reassemble the Xbox and hope you made things better rather than worse", hmm.

mac buying tips
"Secret Mac buying tip #1: CompUSA has a much better return/exchange policy than the Apple store...

Secret Mac buying tip #2: Read the Apple forums... "

get RAM elsewhere

macreviewzone buyer's guides

google search: used powerbook

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