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If I ever release software again (after the ReShuffle Smart Playlists deleted my library debacle) I will definitely use the Do What The Fuck You Want To Public License.

The length of copyright for recorded music will stick at 50 years. I'm glad that those of us arguing for sanity in IP law can show that limiting copyright terms isn't some communist pipe dream - it's been done, and it was based on hard-headed cost-benefit analysis: "Economists calculated the net present value of the 95th year of copyright at less than the net present worth of a lottery ticket."

That NPV argument is the right one, too: the purpose of copyright is not to enrich the Walt Disney company 95 years after Walt's death, but to create an incentive at the point of creation.

Yellow loading zones are in effect from 7 to 6 only, and not on Sundays, and green loading zones are 8 to 6 only, not on Sundays, but white loading zones are 24/7. And don't fuck with red or blue ever.

vs California traffic tickets. Including a "step-by-step guide to contesting your ticket without a court appearance."

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