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Because otherwise I will never find it
The Wirecutter. A product review site that only lists the best stuff in every category. (Thanks, Eric.)

Good tool for checking domain availability.

Not a one-stop shop, though: listings are out of date. You'd have no idea by looking at the site that Apple just released new iPods, Canon new digital cameras, etc. How expensive can human category editors be?

Sounds like they accept about 75% of what they get sent, so that makes it ~200 CDs per 60 GB video iPod ... hmmm, how much does Amoeba pay per used CD I wonder?

dealnews - how to go broke saving money
Gadgets, media, etc. Almost what you need, a little earlier than you planned to get it, for a little bit less than you probably would have paid. Basically, irresistible.

Ars Technica's guide to tech news and review sites
No idea how out-of-date this is, but it led me directly to what I needed.

Links to cool housewears.

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