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That's right, it's "sound art". I'm a glutton for punishment...

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Thanks for linking me, yes you may be a glutton for punishment, and I more so for that matter (I did call myself The Painful Leg Injuries) but all art should have some sense of that kind of challenge to the audience or else it avoids being interesting, imho.

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I totally agree, but you gotta admit calling your own stuff out as art is asking for it. I feel the same way about the name of my major in college: "computer science". If you have to say it, guys...

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I was using the term "sound art" not as self flattery but as a genre descriptor (to point my work's along the same lines as sound art made by Brian Eno, Christian Marclay or Joe Colley). I agree it's a dubious term. But what do you do when don't have beats and can't bring yourself to use the term "ambient" (makes me think of guys with long hair, the uncool kind, and wind chimes)?

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