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  • Punk concert posters are designed for drunk angry teenagers: "when the fuck is it? where the fuck is it? who do i call for more info?"
  • Teacher has a friend who spent a year studying the letter "k". (does she now hate the letter k? love it? or just have a complicated relationship with it?)
  • Comic sans
  • Levi's red line jeans get sold out of the back of trucks?
  • I have to start using more guides in Powerpoint
  • Alignment! Things should be aligned by default, if not there should be a good reason.
  • Women supposedly hate having to always put their purses on the floor.
  • *** ******** ** misterpants!
  • simplicity, consistency, contrast, repetition, alignment, proximity
  • Different types of information should use different fonts (not different typefaces - different weights, sizes etc)
  • Unless you're using a typewriter, you don't need two spaces after a period.

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