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Mount Batur
For my 30th birthday (tis true) a friend and I got up at 3am to hike up a volcano in Bali for a spectacular sunrise. Cooked breakfast in the volcano-heated ground and threw rocks at monkeys to keep them away from our food. As my friend Cory put it, "any day you get to throw rocks at monkeys is a good day."

last timestamped: 09:36:03 07-Apr-2008
in categories:Travel/Vagabond'08


huzzah! happy birthday :) jason and I toasted you, and all our other fellow Arians missing in action, on Sunday - hope we'll see you soonish for a real drink? Are you still on an indefinite timeline?

posted by stephanie mail

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Yeah, timeline not so certain. But will definitely see you on return as I've developed a weird yearning for the Bay Area ...

posted by Lukas

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we've got a good thing going up here... until then, happy travels!

posted by stephanie mail

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