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So I came up with what I thought was a clever solution to one problem. No amount of cleverness will save me on the irrigation project, however, if any of the following things go wrong:

  • Field officers do a poor job of delivering sales or training messages
  • Kit pre-work doesn't happen on time: delivering components, preparing 400 seed kits, cutting 800 irrigation hoses, punching holes in them exactly 45cm apart, and cutting 70,000 emitter tubes
  • Farmers can't come up with the money on time
  • Farmers prepare their seedbeds incorrectly, and their seeds fail to germinate
  • Repeatedly attaching and detaching the irrigation hoses from the jerry can causes the connection to weaken and leak water
  • The cloth filter fails and dirt clogs the emitter tubes
  • Farmers do a poor job of lofting the jerry can, and water doesn't travel all the way to the end of the hose

I'm trying to prepare training and plans to prevent this stuff, and backup plans to deal with it if it occurs. As you can tell I'm not comfortable with my progress. In the meantime I'm having weird food dreams. Last night I dreamt I was eating a hamburger and some people threatened to take it away from me. I pulled a gun on them.

last timestamped: 15:52:18 28-Oct-2008
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