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Getting there
On the way to visit a couple of farmers using the the drip irrigators (one had all his vegetables eaten by his chickens, despite field officer warnings to keep the chickens cooped up; the other hasn't actually needed to irrigate since his plot is near a stream.) Took a matatu (minibus) to get there. The matatu I took, like most, had a legal capacity of fourteen people. You rarely see them with fewer than twenty; I've seen as many as twenty-four.

We stopped at one point and the conductor pulled a woman out and put her on a boda-boda (bicycle taxi.) Thirty seconds later we stopped at a police checkpoint. I realized what the police checkpoint was for when we stopped again, a little further down the road, and waited for the boda-boda so the woman could jam herself back into the matatu. On we went.

last timestamped: 12:42:33 09-Jan-2009
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