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Picture of treesMy first mix in ... six years? Lie down and be counted.

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1. David Bowie - Moss Garden b/w KLF - Justified and Ancient
2. Tim Hecker - Brownwedding
3. Secede - Born In A Tropical Swamp
4. Legion of Green Men - Stars Above Stars Below
5. Kate Bush - Joanni
6. Move D & Benjamin Brunn - Mothercorn
7. Gas - untitled
8. Claude Debussy - Nocturnes (Nuages)
9. Seefeel - Industrious
10. David Sylvian - Darshana (FSOL remix)
11. Zodiac Youth - Fast Forward the Future (The Orb's Bucket & Bong mix)

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Thanks homie... this randomly came on in my iTunes today and I just crushed a thousand tasks whilst listening to it.

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