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Chili garlic sauce recipe
  • A couple handfuls of small, fresh, spicy chili peppers (usually called bird's eye chilis)
  • Three or four cloves of garlic
  • Quarter cup of white vinegar
  • Tablespoon of sugar
  • Teaspoon of salt
  • 4-6 bell peppers
  • One or two sugarcube-sized pieces of fresh ginger
  • A blender

Stem the chili peppers, coarse chop the garlic. Add everything except the bell peppers to the blender. Puree superfine. Slice a few bell peppers, add and blend. Keep adding bell peppers to taste; you'll probably want to add a bit more sugar too.

I'm a huge Sriracha fan but I actually like this better. It's the fresh peppers. Eat it on everything.

Where credit is due: I originally started with this recipe. Now that I think about it, even adding ginger was Teena's idea, not mine.

Some notes:
  • Recipe above is approximate only. Your garlic cloves may be larger than what I get here in Kenya. Your chili peppers may not be as spicy.
  • Don't go too nuts with the garlic, and especially not with the bell peppers. This is all about the flavor of the fresh chili peppers, and the spice.

last timestamped: 15:06:37 13-Jul-2009
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um, can you please send me some? thanks.

posted by narci

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