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The Big Man
In Kisumu for the weekend, on the shores of Lake Victoria. Coming back from checking out a recommended but dismal restaurant (thanks for nothing, Internet!) cops motion angrily for our taxi to get off the road. A few seconds later, a late-model Mercedes rockets past.

"He's here!"
"The president! That is the president's escort!" our driver exclaims, grinning and leaning his head out of the car.

Forty to fifty luxury cars and SUVs fly past in formation. Ten or so of the cars have PRESIDENT'S ESCORT signs on their bumpers. Our driver tells us the SUVs are carrying MPs.

"Can I take a picture?" my friend asks.
"They will shoot you," our driver says, and then he giggles. "The big man!"

last timestamped: 14:44:11 26-Jul-2009
in categories:Travel/Kenya

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who were you with for this adventure? this makes me miss kenya. (how unusual.)

posted by amber mail

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