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The grass on the other side, let me show you it
Gripping account of Aphex Twin and Hecker's set at Bloc Weekend from someone who shares my idea of good. Subscribed to Spannered.
For the most part the rave onslaught of Aphex built up and out from the front stacks, in densely packed clouds of bass with numerous changes of pace and turnabouts. All the while an insidious range of DSP flutterings, whooshes, cackles on the edge of hearing, and countless other aural smoke and mirror tricks played out behind. Occasionally a crisp sound would boom out from the back of the room, causing scores of people to spin round and look out for devilry going on behind their backs.
And unlike Aphex Twin, Florian Hecker makes legitimately terrifying music (see Sun Pandaemonium, which sounds really new.) I haven't really been excited about anything with afx on it since the Flow Coma remix, so maybe this bodes well.

last timestamped: 09:29:17 20-Sep-2009
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