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Useful meta-reviews of health studies
Cochrane findings that will help you

Can't believe I didn't bookmark Cochrane studies here when I found out about them. Cochrane reviews are the antidote to pop-sci articles on health issues talking about a study that just came out with n=20 and results not yet replicated. Study shows Volvo drivers 10 times as likely to experience stress-related tinnitus, maybe.

Stuff that's interesting to me:

  • Acupuncture is pretty good
  • Antioxidants aren't that great and are maybe bad
  • Exercise is good
  • Bicycle helmets are good, so are motorcycle helmets
  • Melatonin is good for jet lag
  • Muscle relaxants are probably good for lower back pain
  • Unsaturated fat is probably better than saturated
  • Reducing salt seems good (however, my understanding is that the important thing is the salt/potassium balance, so increasing potassium might be just as good?)
  • Chinese herbal medicine might reduce cold symptoms (okay I am so down with visiting Chinatown when I feel a cold coming on, give me all the elixirs)

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