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What makes me the enemy, you may ask? In their mind itís very simple: if youíre not among the victims, youíre among the culprits. In your case, youíre that modern bogeyman called the liberal urbanite hipster ...
I resemble that remark.
But it took our leaders ten years to figure out they needed to actually go to the slums and to the countryside.
So, twenty years for the Democratic Party, then?

Ironically, one of the architects of the Democratic party's drift away from its base is folksy charmer Bill Clinton. The situations are not completely parallel. There were some engaged Democratic incumbents who lost. And some who faced a strong Republican challenge and held fast. But overall I think he's right that the Democratic party needs to have a stronger connection to voters. The link between the DNC and voters seems to be broken. I would argue that part of the problem is a professional class operating at an excessive level of abstraction but maybe I'd just be projecting.

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