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Notes for a discussion on near-term climate change adaptation
  • Near-term iin climate science usually refers to the next 1-10 (sometimes 1-20) years.
  • Over the course of a single decade normal variation can overwhelm anthropogenic impacts.
  • What impacts have we seen so far?
    • From 1901-2020 global average temp rose 1 C
    • Longer, more intensive heat waves (heat wave in France in 2003 killed >15,000 people) - partially due to changes in jet stream
    • More natural disasters and extreme conditions - wildfires, hurricanes, droughts
    • Impact on water supply
    • Potential impact on power generation
    • Changes in animal populations / ecosystems, which can impact food supply
  • 5-20 years out
    • Massive increases in migration
    • Political instability
    • A more uncertain world
  • What can we do?
    • Better ways to get information out during extreme events
    • Reality-based information provided to people
    • Market-based solutions - change incentives - eg insurance
    • Mitigation - France had another heat wave in 2019 that hit ~115F / 46C, but <1,500 people died this time - better education, planning for vulnerable populations ...

Nat Geo, NY Times, NOAA

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