the porous city

Thinking about the stuff I've posted here that would have blown my mind 20 years ago, and the expectation I had that this stuff would create amazing new worlds. What did create amazing new worlds, rather than just fun things, or (not to slight them) new tools?

  • social networks

... and maybe that's it. Everything that created a new world was in some sense a social network.

  • FB, Twitter, etc
  • Github
  • Forums
  • MMOs
  • I'm sure I'm leaving a lot out here ...

Well, okay. Maybe it's not so clear-cut. Electronic music is a new world that, yeah, had a physical world substrate, but largely it was a shared imaginative space enabled by new tools. You could call the social network here labels / clubs / magazines but that's a much looser more porous sort of network than the very explicit networks in the first list. That network already existed, dance music wasn't new ... but new tools enabled a whole new world within it.

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