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ib design pipeline

  • ib - make a list of all the places that would need to change for a more automated fields/serialization solution - including re-writing old entries when adding / removing fields - then, add a second timestamp (minor revision)

  • rss feed of comments on ib

  • when logged in, display private categories
  • at end of category list, display "uncategorized" link
  • here's an idea about how list UI could work: mouseover near list item bullet, bullet is highlighted and horizontal box pops up, first line excerpt from text, below, buttons: delete, move to top of doc, top of section, bottom of section, mark as done, then a button for each _Section_ (move to that section - maybe left side prepends and right side appends?)
  • just switch to Markdown - that or make _bold_ and *italics* work
  • switch to flat tagging structure, including, yes, private tags
  • email pair support - config apache to include cookie info in logfile?

  • i want a two-pane AJAX interface, like Yojimbo, with tags on the left and a list of entries on the right
    • should be able to tag tags, so on the left you have the tag you're looking at, a list of tags that are tagged with it, and (maybe) a list of things it's tagged with
    • left pane: browse mode (see above), list: by # entries, by mod date...

  • smarttext->html happens in javascript _only_. page loads with hidden textarea(s) with entry text, then adds entry html to the DOM tree
    • incidentally, add in-page editing to this, and you're close to a situation where every entry is a self-contained file (see TiwyWiki) - add Groove and you now have an offline-capable wiki (assuming the relative links will find their way back to the docs stored in Groove)
  • debug expand/collapse on IE
  • expand/collapse +/- bullet images
  • "views": on a per-entry basis, be able to choose a "view" - module used for editing/viewing, e.g. to-do list view with clicky UI shit and shit
  • microcontent-type display
  • rate entries: how? slider? stars? hmmm
  • checkbox: "this is a category"
    • what happens to child entries/categories if parent is no longer a category?
      • they just get moved up the hierarchy (ie, they get their former parent's categories)
    • what if a category entry is private?
      • check vip cookie, if yes, display in italics wherever categories are listed, if no don't display
    • what needs to happen for this to occur?
      • add checkbox / entry field
      • change get_categories()
      • display stuff as "category (parent 1, parent 2, ...)"

  • feed builder isn't stripping tags right - leaves alt text from images

  • passwordless editing
  • every entry has a "last major modified" date and a "last modified" date
  • then, implement some sort of version control system: view old versions of an entry, rollback to a version.
  • THEN in-place editing (which auto-saves, with no cancel button?)

  • cron job on imac to backup ib data code via ftp

  • mobile - cookieless login, links to next actions by project (based on first word? up to first dash?) link to single-line new entry box

  • timed events/comments (ie, way to postdate a timestamp on a new post)
  • comments in single post mode

  • mindmap-style editing via ajax or whatever
    • nodes are just titles until you open them up
      • can default to nodes open or closed
    • smart about stuff: eg, pasting a hyperlink on a node makes the node a link
    • category nodes are special: just containers for links to other nodes (?????)
  • this may or may not simplify things: but analysis and synthesis as two separate activities? (ie analysis: trad. outliner/mindmap mode, quick keystrokes to add children/peers; synthesis: re-drawing as a non-hierarchical concept map, marking stuff as categories)
    • hey wait a minute, yeah: tags and then playlists on top of those (for like "LA Music") or whatever

  • ability to check off items in lists (see basecamp to-do lists)
  • script to auto-move Notes with leading "-"s to ibnextactions on phone/Outlook sync?

also see: notes about the PIM i want to build

ok: start with succinct problem definition? maybe even use cases?
  • want to add structure to entries (outliner/mindmapper)
  • want more rational tagging structure (Music/LA, Other/LA, Music/Events -> Music, Events, LA - but with easy access to intersections: Music LA, Music LA Events)
  • want faster, 100% keyboard-based editing etc

why am i resistant to storing work notes in ib?
  • concerns about confidentiality
  • no search for private entries
  • not available offline (ah ha!)

stuff i've done!
  • fuck it, let's just make titles the first line
  • make the entry title the html page title
  • striphtml
  • private check sets edit screen bkgrnd gray
  • smart lists v1
  • before in-place editing: write changes to _two_ files, ibcurrent.db and ibfull.db. ibcurrent is what gets displayed; old versions of revised entries are cleaned from ibcurrent.db. ibfull has every version of everything.
  • keyboard shortcut to expand/collapse all

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