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+rode the six hundred
+what are they looking at?
+it's not over here either
+"the people, united"
+"will never be defeated..."
+actually, this is as far as they got
+corraled in times square
+nothing to see here
+spam in times square
+after, on the train

what the cops did and why

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On Thu, 27 Feb 2003, harry wrote:


I heard three crowd comments when I was in New York. Two of them were predictable: "Go back to Iraq!" and "Get out of New York! You're not wanted here! I wish you had a loved one that died in 9/11, then you'd know what time it is."

The third was a hotel doorman to another hotel doorman, watching the stream of protestors: (in strong accent) "These are the real Americans right here...all the rest is just bullshit."

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