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Motion doesn't always have the best writing, but they seem to like the same kind of weirdo machine music I do, so I keep coming back. This time they hit it though:
Here's a simple home experiment to see if you'll like it: Run your television through a delay effect and put on the Classic Movie Channel while simultaneously playing Brian Eno's "Apollo" on one CD player, Massive Attack vs Mad Professor's "No Protection" on another, and Funki Porcini's "Love, Pussycats, & Carwrecks" on a third. Sporadically run around the room pausing a CD player every now and again.
I've actually always wanted to have a party where the soundtrack was provided by dozens of cheap tape players playing on autoreverse, each tape player playing something different - jazz, rock, ambient, street noise, white noise...I'd need more likeminded art-wank friends to do that though.

last timestamped: 18:41:31 24-Mar-2002
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