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ilm on us record stores

"L.A.: I prefer Aron's to Amoeba in many respects. It's less of a headache to shop at, the people seem to know more, and it's often much cheaper. Also, Sea Level in Echo Park is great. Headline on Melrose is good for obscure punk rock. R.I.P.: No Life."

"Also, Record Surplus on Pico Ave, which is great for cheap LPs (they only carry older stuff it seems) and reasonably priced CDs. Also, their 92 cent CD section can be a goldmine. Since the guys who run it seem to know popular music moreso than underground, you can find some steals in that section. Just picked up a copy of the Low and Dirty Three EP there for a buck."

ilm on LA record stores
some weird dude on LA classical

last timestamped: 22:25:13 26-Aug-2003
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Aron's is better for buybacks, I'll tell you that. I sold half my record collection to them in my initial stages and lived for at least a month. Man, that's depressing. I want my music back.

posted by pitiful patron

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Way to ruin Aron's for me, man. I haven't even been threre yet. And now I can't go, because what if I pick up some used shit and it's yours? Fucked up.

posted by Lukas

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